About Me

I’m a pretty positive person, but I can’t deny that sometimes life isn’t easy, sometimes life sucks beyond the telling of it. I write this blog to remind myself that when life doesn’t suck, it can actually be pretty magical.

I started this blog as a journey to find my idea of the ideal life,to let go of anxiety and live freely. I’m encountering a lot of bumps in the road along my journey and as time goes on I realise that ideal is a silly concept, nothing is ideal, and I can’t shed all of my problems, they make me who I am, so I learn to embrace my anxiety and low self esteem and learn to share the road with them. My life isn’t perfect, but it’s all mine and I love it.

So here I present it, everyday tales from my always imperfect, sometimes tragic, sometimes wonderful, boring, irrational, crazy, beautiful life.

Stop by, have a read, say hi, share your story
Enjoy x


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