37 weeks…

So although I still have three weeks to go I’m now officially classed as ‘Term’

During the last 37 weeks I have…

Slept in a tent

Been to the Greek islands

Moved house

Suffered pre natal depression

Developed dry skin

Suffered headaches

Had third trimester bleeding

Fallen over

Been admitted to hospital 3 times

Been in an ambulance

Had my bump painted

Disagreed with my husband about at least 50 boys names

Suffered insomnia

Been to one funeral

Missed a great friends wedding

Gained 1.5 stone

Developed more stretch marks then I thought possible

Had my hair cut

Felt vulnerable

Had 100 Blood tests

Found out two of my best friends are pregnant

Celebrated my birthday

Had a rubbish Christmas

Booked tickets to see the Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters (post baby)

Decorated a nursery

Cleared my home of junk (mostly)

Suffered with constipation

Had constant heartburn.

Suffered Braxton Hicks

Eaten my own body weight in chocolate

Worried about the babies movements

Wondered why I’m doing this!

Had a wonderful baby shower.

Brought lots of baby clothes

It’s been an exciting if kinda gross journey, now it’s nearly over and a new one is about to begin.

I’ve enjoyed most of my pregnancy but have found lots of it very hard and the bleeding and hospital stays have made me very nervous as I enter the last weeks. I’m fed up of feeling so helpless and uncomfortable but am equally terrified about giving birth and ensuring my baby arrives safely into this world!

My house is full of all the baby products I could possibly need and the nursery and Moses basket ready to go. Am I ready? I honestly have no idea but I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

5 thoughts on “37 weeks…

  1. You’re never ready but what the heck. The best bit is when they first come out. Then reality hits 😂 They’ll turn your world upside down but they will also give you so much joy. Good luck. Not long to go now. Mine all came out at 38 weeks. One was a prem so 35 weeks.

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