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Well this is getting embarrassing….

…. my posts have been so few and far between recently that it’s almost shameful! So why the radio silence? Well there’s no excuse from me really. Life is plodding on and I still have plenty on my mind and lots to say, but life has really been, well, sort of, peaceful…

I’m entering my third trimester and preparing to welcome my tiny human into the world in a few months time, counting down the days until my maternity leave starts. (42 working days) I’m happy, tired all the time and constantly out of breath, busy trying to get the house, nursery and my mind ready for a baby, terrified about everything yet in a way perfectly calm. Dare I say I feel something that vaguely resembles contentment – for the first time in, well, ever – don’t get me wrong, it’s not without problems, but life never is, my hormones are definitely giving me a run for my money, one day feeling on top of the world and at peace with my life and the next day feeling miserable as sin, anxious and fed up. But I’ve definitely got into my pregnancy groove. I’m happy spending my time pottering around decluttering, sorting, cleaning, nesting, resting, walking my gorgeous pup,enjoying lovely dates with my gorgeous friends, mainly eating and catching up, going out for lunch dates and spending my evenings lounging on the sofa in pjs with my husband, early nights, laying in bed feeling my baby wiggling around in my tummy.

Working from home more limits how many times a week I have to endure the long commute which is helping my energy levels so I’m not exhausting myself and can enjoy my weekends.

Life isn’t without worry, of course, I’m increasingly anxious about money, how to help my dog adjust to not being the only baby in the house, how I’m going to squeeze this little human out of me without dying, what sort of a parent I’m going to be, the list goes on, but it’s all natural stuff to worry about and I absolutely believe it’s gonna all be ok. It’s sort of funny how much I’m enjoying this calm, kinda boring existence at the moment. I’ve always chased excitement and wanted more out of life but at the moment, during this stage in my life, I’m loving spending long days pottering around in my tiny home. Long may this peaceful attitude continue…..

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