And just like that it’s all over…

…..and I’m back on my 6.30am commute to work. I’m not feeling that miserable about it really though, a 10 day break from the daily grind has given me a renewed sense of positivity and there is the small matter of maternity leave coming up fast, in fact I’ve only got 10 more working weeks in the office, time to start counting the days…

I’m not really a New Year, New Me sort of a person and the last couple of years have been pretty turbulent for me and mine, but I feel pretty positive about this one. It’s started on a Monday and with a full moon – The signs are good right?

I don’t like to set unrealistic goals or resolutions- I used to be a real planner – but I’ve realised so much is unknown in this life it pays to be open to new experiences, I’m really happy to enter this new year with no real idea how it will pan out – but I do have hopes and it’s always good to set intentions…

My main hope, as always, is for a happy year for me and my family. In the hecticness of life and preparing for a baby it’s easy to forget to practice happiness, the things that make me happy that I intend to do more of this year are…

Listening to music

Taking photos

Letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose in my life

Being honest with other people and myself and not letting myself feel pressured by things that don’t matter

Seeing more of my friends and family.

Embracing depression and anxiety but not letting it control me.

Remembering to notice the little things that make life magical

I guess a lot of people have intention lists like that today don’t they? There isn’t any big secret to happiness, it can’t be bottled and sold, it is simply about learning to let go of the things we no longer need and remembering what we love about life. it’s a hard lesson and one we are always learning, life isn’t brilliant all the time, sometimes it sucks, but it’s our own mindset that helps us though.

Here’s wishing you all happiness and peace of mind in 2018

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