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My Happy December…

I love December. I love wintery cold days and I love getting ready for Christmas and all the sparkle that comes with it!

I do believe that Christmas is too commercial and that we are encouraged to spend too much money but we all know Christmas isn’t about money, it’s about cheese and wine… oops sorry no, it’s about spending time with the people you love, snuggling up in front of the Christmas tree, being thankful for what you have, relaxing at the end of the year, planning the next years adventures and having a well earned break from work!

This year is the last year Mr Gypsie and I will be free solo adults at Christmas – I can’t wait to celebrate my unborn son’s first Christmas next year!

I’ve never thought that our family had many Christmas traditions but there are things I look forward to every year, which is really all that tradition is right? Here’s how I’ll be spending my December…

Decorating the Tree with bubbly and red wine – Yes, I’m one of those people. The first weekend of December comes and my Christmas decs are outta the loft and the house is turned into a grotto. Always done whilst drinking bubbly (for me) and red wine (for hubby) of course, this year my bubbles where alcohol free but it was just as much fun as normal!

Christmas 24 – I’m sorry to say it’s just not Christmas until I’ve spent an afternoon watching low budget Christmas movies on Christmas 24

Watching Panto – when I worked in theatre I got to see sooo many Christmas shows and as this is the first Christmas in my working life that I don’t work in a theatre I was worried that I wouldn’t get to see any. Luckily I am very blessed with lots of lovely colleagues in the arts who have still asked me along to see their Christmas shows. I’ve got three to go to this year. Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast and Santa’s Little Trolls! I love it and can’t wait to see them all.

Christmas jumpers – I guess this is kinda everyone’s tradition but I buy my nieces their Christmas jumpers every year. Yes it does involve spending money but I love seeing them all dressed up in their Christmas jumper finest when we take them to see Santa.

Christmas Eve party food – on Christmas Eve morning I cook up loads of terribly unhealthy party snacks, sausage rolls, cheesy bites, chicken dippers, which we munch our way through during the day as we deliver and receive deliveries of presents to and from our families. Then it’s up to the pub for a few early evening Christmas drinks with our friends before we come home to cheese and biscuits and Bad Santa (or maybe Fred Claus) and another bottle of bubbles – this year will be minus the alcohol and baked Camembert for me! Then I go off to bed and Mr Gypsie stays up til god knows what time of the morning wrapping his Christmas presents.

Christmas Day – wherever we are, whatever is going on in our lives, my family always get together for presents on Christmas morning. It’s my favourite part of Christmas. My mum goes wildly overboard on gifts every year and it brings me so much joy to watch everybody opening their presents. But really its not about presents, it’s about us all being together in the same room. The saying goes “it’s not what’s under the tree it’s who’s around it” and that’s the key to Christmas. We nearly lost a young family member last year to a serious accident and I’m very aware of how lucky we are to all be sitting around our Christmas tree together each year.

There’s so many of us now with all the children and it’s always manic, one of the kids gives out the presents and always gets confused and mum gets stressed because she thinks everyone is going to open the wrong gifts, the youngest ones go into a frenzy of ripping open wrapping paper and it’s total chaos! Then it’s off to the pub before dinner, which is always packed full of friends and hugs and love.

It makes me so happy to have my mad family all together at Christmas and I can’t wait to be adding to that family next year.

Happy December all!

7 thoughts on “My Happy December…

    1. I’ve just read your Christmas Limbo blog! Very upsetting that you can’t decorate this year but it will still be a lovely Christmas I’m sure and totally worth it once all the work has been done. Get yourself some sparkly clothes and a new Christmas jumper and then you can wear Christmas spirit wherever you go xx


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