20 confessions at 20 weeks…

This isn’t an original idea. I’ve stolen it from This Stuff is Golden who’s blog I love.

I’m 20 weeks pregnant and struggling to blog at the moment. This blog isn’t a pregnancy blog it’s an online journal really about my life and things that mean something to me. It’s kinda hard to write about anything but pregnancy at the moment but I’m keen to go back to writing about other stuff as soon as I get my brain back in gear. Until then here’s some confessions from the first half of my pregnancy…

1. In the last 20 weeks I’ve been ill more then I haven’t

2. Being pregnant feels like the most alien yet the most natural thing in the world all at the same time

3. Before every scan and midwife appointment so far I’ve been completely panicked that something will have gone wrong

4. My only craving has been milk, at one point I was drinking 4 pints per day

5. Half the time I want to show my bump off but the other half I worry that I just look fat and not pregnant!

6. I struggle to find outfits I’m happy with for the reasons above.

7. Sometimes I don’t enjoy being pregnant and that makes me feel really guilty

8. Sharing pregnancy with my best friend makes it really special and I love it.

9. I get angry when people don’t offer me a seat on the train,and stick my bump out if I have to stand in the hope that someone will

10. The first (and only) time so far that someone has offered me a seat on a train I was so touched I cried

11. My emotions are out of control. Last week I cried watching Futurama

12. Although I can feel fluttery movements in my tummy I can’t wait to feel big kicks and for my husband to be able to feel them too

13. Sometimes when I see little boys being really naughty in public I feel afraid for the future!

14. Time is going so quickly I sometimes worry I won’t have everything ready on time.

15. I’m putting off thinking about labour until after Christmas!

16. I want to eat sweets, all the time

17. I’ve been really busy and feel like I need to rest more

18. I can’t stop buying baby clothes

19. I still don’t really believe it’s actually happening

20. For the first time in a really long time I’m excited about the future…

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