A Beautiful Encounter…

Something happened to me yesterday that I wanted to share, it was nothing really, just a small moment in time but it changed my whole day. 

I work from home on a Monday, but I try and get out of the house for a bit each Monday. Due to illness and the general  hecticness of life I haven’t really made it out for the last few, anyway yesterday was a glorious crisp, warm and sunny autumnal day so I decided to venture into town. On my way I stopped to say hello to an incredibly cute black puppy. As I was making friends (or more accurately being nipped at by needle sharp 4 month old puppy teeth) I struck up small talk with the pups owner – a friendly young girl probably in her early 20s – jokingly saying to her that it must take her ages to get anywhere because everyone must stop her to say hello to the puppy, she agreed and as I got up to let her move on she said to me “I hope you don’t mind me saying, you look absolutely beautiful today” 

I was startled, at 16 weeks pregnant and just getting over the flu, I kinda feel like I’ve been ill and overtired forever, beautiful is the last thing I feel! “Thankyou, that’s made my day” I said to the girl. 

She explained that she aspired to say something nice to at least one person a day. I was so touched I gave her a hug, we said goodbye and I went about my day with a glowing, warm feeling…. and yes I did cry a bit, I’m pregnant and totally over emotional! 

When I told my husband he thought it was weird “Did she fancy you or something?” Was his first comment followed by “weird” and it struck me that this was everything that was wrong with the world!  

I’ve met a kind stranger who paid me the simplest of compliments, she had no motive other then to spread a little happiness, it was just what I needed to hear and changed me entire day! 

I guess people are afraid of doing that kind of thing because they’re worried about getting labelled as weird. 

It’s not weird to be nice to people. We should all aspire to be that girl and to make at least one person smile a day, imagine if we all did that? What a difference it would make to the world…

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