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Your Stars…

Dear Spike 
We aren’t going to christen you Spike so don’t panic, it’s just that your dad nicknamed you Spike a long time ago so it seems to make sense for now until we come up with your actual name. 
Anyway I wanted to tell you that I brought something for you today. Only a couple of bibs and a sleep suit, but it’s the first things I’ve brought you since you started growing inside me, although, the first thing I ever brought you was a long time ago. 
About 18 months ago we were on holiday in the Greek island of Naxos. We had just started our baby making journey. We’d been talking about it for ages and ages and finally we decided to go for it. One day on our holiday We drove up to the old capital of the island which was a tiny village called Halki, high up in the Naxos mountains. As we sat with our friends in a street cafe I wandered off into a tiny craft shop, determined to find something to symbolise the start of our journey. I found three hanging wooden stars, 2 blue and one white, tied together with twine. At that point I was convinced that when I did get pregnant I was going to have a daughter, so I looked around for some pink stars, or some more neutral colours. Those three little stars were all they had. Like I said , I wanted to buy something to symbolise the start of our journey and for some reason I felt like those little blue stars were it. 
I was convinced at that point we would come home from Greece with a baby in my tummy, and was hugely disappointed when it didn’t happen. I had no idea of the journey ahead. 
Those stars hung in the living room of our house for the next 18 months watching over us as I became more and more convinced we would never become parents,
Some people wait years and we waited only a year, one long, stressful, uncertain and sad year, and then it happened and all the pain and heartache was worth it.
The next time I stood in that shop in that tiny town in Naxos you were with me, a tiny peanut growing in my belly, and now your stars are sitting in your bedroom in our new house, waiting to watch over you as you grow. 
I can’t wait to meet you. 

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