Four walls and a roof…

I feel the need to apologise for my lack of blogging activity. 
It’s two weeks since we landed back on UK soil after our Greek adventure and in that time I’ve accumulated quite the collection of half written blog posts, unfinished and left to fester, never to see the light of day. It’s not that I don’t want to write, it’s just that there’s a lot going on and I guess I’m struggling to articulate it all.
Coming back from a summer holiday to autumn is probably hard for most people but, I love autumn, in fact I love the turn of any season, it always feels to me like a new beginning, and with a chill developing in the breeze and the leaves falling from the trees it sort of feels like time to shed old skins and develop new…
…which is sort of where i’m at in life. This week marks the first year anniversary since my beloved nephew suffered life changing injuries as the result of a horrendous car accident. There is so much to say about that I don’t know where to start and out of respect for my very private nephew I feel like I ought to keep it brief. He’s come along way since those long scary months in hospital where he watched autumn turn to winter and spring turn to summer, and life is much more positive now. I can say with the most certainty I have ever felt that he is my hero and an absolute inspiration, he gives me strength. My sadness over what happened hasn’t really lessened and I still cry, a lot, but I know we have to look forward and I know how lucky we are to have him with us, I know we’re all different people to who we were this time last year, and although life has changed so much, there is lots that is exactly the same, and I guess no matter how much we shed and transform there are something’s that never change… 
Something that has changed is that I’ve moved house. Very suddenly, the week we arrived home from Greece we decided to move into a bungalow belonging to my in laws. 
I loved the house we rented before, I loved our neighbours, the neighbourhood and the house. The problem was it was pretty shabby, in need of repair and definitely in need of decorating. So when a nice, well presented and newly decorated bungalow belonging to Nanny Gypsie came up in a much more swanky area of town and with a much cheaper rental tag we decided to go for it. What followed was a mad rush of chucking things in boxes and chucking said boxes into our new home….

I’ve always believed that a house is just four walls and a roof, and it’s who’s living under that roof that makes it a home, I could be anywhere as long as my family were with me. I very much learnt that during the months my nephew spent in hospital. Despite that I found the move really hard, I spent a lot of moving day in tears and had a full on meltdown when I stood in my old empty home alone for the last time and said goodbye. …
….we’ve been in the bungalow a week now and it’s starting to feel like home, I’m starting to enjoy organising and planning where everything will go and how it will look. 
Of course it’s only coincidence that I moved house on the same day that marked a year since our lives changed, but it sort of feels important, and saying goodbye to my old home felt like letting something go, I feel like I left something there, something that I didn’t need anymore, in order to move on. I can’t explain it anymore then that and I hope that makes some sort of sense. But I do feel like I’m ready for a new chapter….

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