Bye Bye Naxos…

I’m on a ferry, a Blue Star ferry, in the middle of the Agean ocean (check out the wifi signal!) travelling from Naxos to Santorini, a quick 2 night stop over in Santorini then back to home sweet home in dear old England.

My Gypsie husband and I have been to Naxos on our holidays for the last 3 years, we love it but for varying reasons this will probably our last trip for a while.

I’ve loved this trip and I love holidays but I love going home as well, Mr Gypsie hates going home but I’m a fan of reality, no matter how harsh or gritty. We’re heading home to lots of change in our lives, we’re moving house next week and we’re about to face all sorts of challenges. I’m raring to go but for now, heres some pictures of our wonderful Greek home from home….

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