Summer Ready…

So as I write this very summery post it’s currently pouring with rain, and I guess we are already well into summer so I’m a bit late, but I’m going on holiday in a few weeks (well six but who’s counting?) and the summer holidays are just around the corner so it seems like a good time to share…
I love summer, but I’m one of those unfortunate people, that struggle in hot weather,I can’t cope with a lot of heat -the mere whiff of a hot day and my hair frizzes and I turn into a microphone head. I also suffer with thigh chaffing, embarrassing feet and am prone to mosquito bites….

Summer could be a right ordeal for but I’ve found a few things that make my summer a bit less stressful so I thought I’d share….

Summer Feet

I hate my feet, I mean I don’t think anyone likes feet but mine are embarrassingly awful, lots of hard, dead skin, I’m even embarrassed talking about them, that is until I tried a Footner Foot Peel. These things are amazing, pop your feet in the bags for an hour and then watch the skin peel off! It’s gross and very embarrassing (doing it in flip flop season is not the best idea, I had to explain to a lot of people who asked “what’s wrong with your feet?”) but it really works, I soaked my feet in warm water and moisturised daily to help it along and it took about 2 weeks to peel. It didn’t quite get to all the hard skin on my heel (but it was especially bad) but I can wear flip flops without feeling ashamed. I also use a argan oil foot mask once every couple of weeks to keep them smooth

Thigh Rub
I love wearing dresses and skirts but for years I have suffered with thigh chaffing, IT’S SO PAINFUL! And can make skirt wearing unbearable. So I use bandlettes. Bandlettes are pretty lace hands that sit on your thighs, a bit like garters but wider. These things have changed my summers! They just slide on, they don’t fall down and it means you don’t have to wear shorts under every skirt or dress you wear. I used them on my wedding day and pretty much carry them in my handbag all summer long.

Frizzy Hair 
I’ve always wished I had those tousled soft messy mermaid locks in summer, however I don’t, my hair is ringlets that years of straightening irons have turned into frizz. When it’s too hot for the GHDs and hairdryers I use Palmers Coconut Oil shampoo and conditioner, it’s got none of the bad stuff, and smells gorgeous. I follow up with some coconut oil serum and a bit of salt spray. It’s not quite mermaid locks but it does keep the frizz at bay.

Mosquito Bites

vitamin B always seems to help me not get bitten, so I bosh a berocca each morning whenever I’m on holiday. If I do get the odd bite or sting I find a dab of My Trusty Sunflower cream takes the itch away. In fact this Sunflower cream is brilliant for everything, developed by the NHS, it’s amazing on your skin and all profits go back to the NHS so give it a go.
Well look at that, I’ve just finished writing and the suns coming out..

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