Anywhere but Here…

I’m sat at my desk, in a quiet office on a rainy day dreaming of all the things I would rather be doing…

  • Making bath bombs – I’m still experimenting with making the perfect bath bomb, I can’t quite get the mixture right and I haven’t experimented nearly as much as I’d like with my new hobby but really feel in the mood for some bath bomb making right now…

  • Watching Vikings… Mr Gypsie and I have become obsessed with the History Channel’s Vikings and have been binge watching it for the last couple of weeks, I love it because although it’s fiction it’s based on historic fact and at the moment I want to be escaping to a world of Viking ships, shield maidens and warriors, not sat at a computer in an office 

  • Doing some yoga…I’ve got a yoga class tonight with my friends and our lovely yoga teacher and I’m wishing I could be practicing my warrior poses now.
  • Reading the new Arts Health and Wellbeing inquiry report….It’s a huge report written by the All Party Parliamentary group and it’s so important! I’ve tried to skim through it but need some time to have a good read through. Have a read

  • Dedicating some time to my blog…I never seem to have time to dedicate to my blog, I rush write posts on the go, normally on the train, or whilst I’m walking to work. I’d enjoy sitting down right now and spending some quality time writing. 

Generally there’s loads of productive things I would rather be doing today, which has given me a To Do list for my next free day! 

What would you rather be doing today? 

10 thoughts on “Anywhere but Here…

  1. I’d much rather be getting my car inspected, grocery shopping, cleaning the apartment, and taking a nap! Anything is better than getting less hours of sleep than the shift you work three days in a row…

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  2. I wish still I was in another job, but this has been a struggle as you will know from my blog posts. I
    wish I could start off my own job, I have an idea, but I shall have to wait and see on a matter before I know if it can come reality.
    My heart is in Brighton, so I wish I was there right now, whether on holiday or living there.

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    1. I would love to set up on my own, but I’m not there at the moment, if you have an idea to set up on your own you should go for it! There’s loads of organisations who can help, do you have a local growth hub? They could point you in the right direction. I love Brighton, do you live near by? I hope you make it there on holiday soon x

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      1. I have experience of setting up business from before, so I know about how to fill in a tax form etc.. The only difference now, is my chosen idea to try self-employment alongside my current job will involve a lot more responsibility due the nature of the role. (I don’t mind that.) I have been delving into books and if I was to become self-employed, then I would, if like before be offered certain free training. There are local business hubs, so should I need to speak to them and I probably will have to, I know where to go. There wasn’t anything like that before when I was self-employed before.

        I don’t live anywhere near Brighton, unfortunately. I hope to go to Brighton next year. Saving up. 🙂

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