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Dash to Dorset…

I don’t really write about her, but I’ve got a twin sister, it’s all a bit complicated because we grew up separately, in different families, it’s weird, but it’s kind of nice in a way as it means our relationship is an entity all of its own, like the two of us form a little family of our own. 
Anyway more about that another time, this weekend my twin was kind enough to let me gatecrash her family holiday in Dorset to give me a little time out. What had started in planning stages on Monday as a weekend getaway ended up being a quick dash Poole, an afternoon in a caravan park and a mad dash home again because of commitments in the evening. 
But it was worth it as desperately needed to get away from everything. Mr Gypsie and I have been arguing for days, stupid arguments that go round and round in circles with no resolution, so frustrating and I was determined to get a bit of separation from the situation and my twinnys caravan in Poole provided the perfect place. She takes her little family there a couple of times a year and I can see why. 
A couple of hours swimming in the owners pool, a walk down to the beach and a paddle in the sea reset my mood completely. The park and facilities were awesome and had a gorgeous charm about it, I felt really at home there. My twin met her husband when they were working on a holiday park years ago so there’s a sense of home and nostalgia for them. I’ve never been on a caravan holiday, I’m more a canopy and stars kind of a girl, but as I dug my bare feet into the sand on the beach and then sat in the caravan eating biscuits with my niece I found myself reflecting on how nice it would be to be there with my husband, to have a drink in the bar and bring a pizza back for tea before snuggling down to watch tv in a little caravan of our own.
Space to myself was just what I needed to help me resolve our argument and it was lovely to spend time with my twin and her family, but ultimately it was nice to realise that everything I want is right here in my tiny rented home. As I write this I’m laying on the sofa, our pup asleep on the floor and Mr Gypsie is researching cottages in Cornwall for a winter get away.
Thanks twinny for gifting me a much needed break. Thanks Dorset for giving me a relaxing and fun afternoon, and for reminding me that home is definitely where my heart is. 

12 thoughts on “Dash to Dorset…

  1. It’s nice to get away just for a little while. Gives you a new perspective on life . Arguments comes and goes. Just need time apart to calm down.
    My mum says the couples that argue all the time tend to stay together . Some days I wonder if it’s true?

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  2. I loved reading this post – I think we all feel like we need space sometimes & those that allow us to have it are good ones! Mr Uppington & I want to move to Dorset perhaps we will live in eternal bliss once there… doubt it 😂 xx

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