Happy Lists

Little Reasons to Smile…

I’m feeling a bit dishevelled today, well in general actually. Office work definetly isn’t working out for me, but until something better comes along I’m stuck with it, so I’m making the best out of it sitting on the train listening to music on my phone (Letters to Cleo – I Want you to Want Me, such a guilty pleasure) gazing out of the window, constructing a happy list to remind me that there is always something to smile about.
Sometimes it’s hard to remember the good stuff when your smack bang in the middle of crazy, stressful life, but there’s always something, no matter how small, something that makes you turn up the corners of your lips, in fact the general act of smiling always makes me feel better, sometimes I just need to remind myself of all those things I love…

🔮My new tree of life necklace, it’s my new favourite thing and makes me smile 🔮Watching deer in the fields from my train window 🔮6 weeks until I return to the magical Cyclades in Greece, I need to go back to remind myself to chill 🔮Sweet music playing in my ears helping the bad stuff go away (Jonny Cash at the moment, always makes me wanna dance) 🔮Foot peels making my feet flip flop ready – better late then never! 🔮 Solo walks in my beautiful town with my doggy or my camera, where I live is so pretty 🔮 New yoga classes with friends, I’m really not very good at yoga but I really love it! 🔮 days out of the office, I get to visit lots of new places and they generally always have hidden beauty 🔮

What’s making you smile today? 

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