What’s in a Name? 

Why Gypsie Mountain? It’s a weird name for a blog about normal life, well gypsophila were the flowers that themed our wedding day, simple, free, beautiful….
That’s what Gypsie Mountain is about, living a brave, free and simple life, and living freely isn’t about selling all my possessions and living in a commune, nor is it about trying to be a gypsy (yes I do know how to spell gypsy!) it’s about learning to be be kind and free in your own mind, being brave enough to get through the tough times and enjoy the good times, to see the simple beauty in everyday existence and to enjoy what we have whilst we have it.

It’s about taking the life you have and learning to love the moment you’re in, but understanding when and how to change the things that are holding you back. 

When I was growing up, in my little nowhere town, it felt so far removed from everywhere else in the world, as a teenager, half drunk on cheap cider (yep I was one of those teenagers!) I used to walk home at night looking at the stars and the sky, it used to feel like I was at the edge of the earth and I would imagine where else I could set up my life.

I did leave, I didn’t venture very far or for very long, but I went to a couple of different cities to live. I always ended up coming back and eventually settled in my little town at the edge of the earth. I kinda love it now. Sleepy town, good people, family, friends, community, it’s not perfect but it makes me happy.
So like my sleepy town, Gypsie Mountain symbolises a space that gives you strength to weather the tough times, security when you need to rest, and a place where opportunity knows where to knock, it’s about falling in love with life over and over and knowing that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be amazing… 

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