Christmas in July….

Is it weird to be thinking about Christmas before I’ve even had my summer holiday?

I love summer, things are just starting to heat up in the UK and I’m looking forward to slipping into my sundress for a chilled out and fun weekend here on gypsie mountain.

There’s loads of things to feel happy about this summer. We’ve got our annual summer Party in a few weeks, another weekend of camping coming up, festivals in August and hopping around the Greek Cyclades in 8 weeks time, were right at the beginning of a long fun summer and there’s so much to look forward to….

So why is it that this weird little urge for snow and Christmas trees keeps popping up from within me?  Is it because last Christmas our world was in a spin and we didn’t enjoy it so much? Is it because I saw an advert for the Bad Moms Christmas movie on facebook the other day (advertising Christmas movies in July is odd right? It’s not just me) When I worked in theatre we would be planning our Christmas shows around now, so maybe that’s why….

Whatever the reason and how ever much I am loving the sun shiny days and summer evenings I still can’t help but find myself day dreaming about cosy nights in our little house watching Christmas movies by fairy light, buying presents for everyone I love and singing Christmas songs in the pub. I love Christmas but normally we get Halloween and Bonfire night out of the way before I start looking forward to it! 

And I definitely should enjoy the summer whilst it lasts and not wish time away! 🌞🎄

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