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Things I’m Grateful for this Summer Solstice…

It’s the summer solstice and wow, summer most definitely is here! it’s hot hot hot in the uk!

I love the summer solstice, I think it’s  such a magical day. In days gone by I would be marking it by spending the night at Stone Henge or packing for Glastonbury, some years we would sit on at the seafront with a fire on the evening of the solstice and burn our fears in the fire, or send out wishes off into the summer sky, sadly this year I am doing none of those things but I thought I’d mark the occasion with a happy list of all the things I am grateful for on this years longest day….

☀️I have so many awesome people in my life, friends, family, I’m constantly overwhelmed by how many people I want to spend time with and how little time there is for them all, isn’t that a wonderful problem to have?

☀️I am able to look on the positive side of life most of the time, for some people seeing things positively is almost impossible at times, (I have those times and and then too) but being able to see things positively is a huge gift and one I’m unbelievably thankful for.

☀️The Sun! We brits are wilting in our heatwave at the moment and I’m such a sun wimp that I’m seeking out constant shade but at the same time I’m so grateful for all that vitamin D and seratonin making me feel all chilled out and like anything is possible

☀️Music – playing in my ears, making me feel like I’m somewhere else, taking me back to different places in time, filtering memories and love into my brain

☀️I have more emotional and mental strength than I ever thought possible and I hope it continues to grow

☀️I have developed really good self awareness which helps me continue to develop emotionally and helps me think more rationally.

☀️I may find me job as dull as dishwater but it does sustain us financially, we’re always broke because I’m a shopaholic, but actually when we’re sensible with money we do have what we need

☀️creativity –  leaving the theatre has made me realise what a creative and imaginative person I am and I feel really lucky to see the world through these eyes 👀

What do you feel grateful for today?

Happy solstice everyone!

15 thoughts on “Things I’m Grateful for this Summer Solstice…

  1. Loved reading this, such a positive list! ☺ I’m so grateful for the heatwave too (although it’s somewhat subdued here in Scotland) as I tend to be deficient in vitamin D and the Sun makes me so happy! ☉

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    1. It’s still hot hot so far, I’m sure we’re in for a storm soon. As for creativity, yeh blogging as well as writing in journals and stuff, I’m seeing lots of theatre this week, including an outdoor piece involving Cloud watching tomorrow (I can’t wait) taking photos, attempting crafty stuff, dreaming. Missing working in a creative space though. Hope the rain stops soon and the sun comes back out for you.

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  2. Wonderful post, Doll. I forgot about that solstice on the beach! Am I getting my memories confused..? I remember us having a tiny disposable bbq… I felt so OLD and annoyed today, thinking what a bloody good (warm, proper sunrise) Stonehenge it would’ve been today! Argh! Wish I’d gone xxx

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    1. No you’re not confused, we sat on the beach as the sun went down, had a fire in a disposable BBQ and danced in the sea! It was glorious! Yeh, Stonehenge would have been glorious today, I did briefly consider it last week before I remembered work! Boo! At least we got a quick catch up last night. Happy Solstice Doll xx


    2. You aren’t confused. We had a fire in our disposable BBQ and danced in the sea as the sun went down. It was great! I know, Stonehenge would be glorious today in the sun. I did briefly consider it last week before I remembered I had to work. At least we got to have a brief catch up last night. Happy Solstice Doll xx


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