A Year of Baby Making (or not as the case may be)….

June marks a whole year since we started trying to make a baby so I wanted to write an update about our baby journey, but really there’s not much to report, more peeing on sticks, more sex, more periods, more stress. I’m really fed up of paying attention to cervical mucus, taking my body temperature, fertility apps, disappointments, so I’ve stopped it all (shock horror, gasp! How can I possibly expect to get pregnant now!) women have been getting pregnant by chance for thousands of years and whilst I totally appreciate the importance of all the afore mentioned things I am finding it depressing and stressful that our attempts are so far proving unfruitful.
I know that some people fall really quickly and others have been trying to have a baby for years, and I have total respect for both journeys and I know that a year of trying isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things but it’s frustrating for me that it’s proving so difficult and to give me a break from the stress of it all I’ve decided to leave it to chance, for a while at least.

I’m pretty guilty of putting myself at the bottom of the priority list a lot of the time so as a way of keeping my mummy dreams a priority without the stress of peeing on a stick and timing sex I have joined the Nipper Study

The NiPPeR study involves researchers in the United Kingdom (Southampton), Singapore and New Zealand (Auckland) from the EpiGen Global Research Consortium who are trialling the use of a combination of nutrients and probiotics before and during pregnancy to improve the health of mothers and their babies. It’s totally free and it will hopefully help future generations of mothers and babies.

For me it is a great way of ensuring my focus stays on my goal without the constant testing, planning, stressing. I’ve had my first two appointments with a midwife at Southampton General Hospital where they take blood and hair samples, ask lots of questions and give you a stock of these nutritional drinks to take away. The drinks are taken twice daily, before you concieve and throughout the pregnancy once you have conceived, and of course they continue to test and look after you during your pregnancy.

I love it! It’s a relatively low commitment to make and for me, it feels like I’m making my own dreams a priority for once, and for me, that holds more worth than anything else.

Now I’m going to see how long I can leave it up to chance before I want to start peeing on a stick again….

You can find out more about the Nipper Study here

4 thoughts on “A Year of Baby Making (or not as the case may be)….

  1. I like this idea! I find everything around reproduction (except the sex part) completely baffling. I know my parents tried for three years before having me, but then had my brother only a year later so it’s almost like the body was trying to figure stuff out and then finally said to itself, “Oh, THIS is how it works!” and it was plain sailing from there.

    So weird.

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    1. Oh it’s so complicated! This time last year I very naively thought it would just happen the first time we had sex without contraception! Boy have I learnt a lot since then! It’s all super stressful so I’ve decided to try and chill and just let it happen by chance. Not sure how long this chilled idea will last but so far I actually do feel lots calmer about it! x

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      1. Well it’s sort of beaten into you that you could get accidentally pregnant AT ANY MOMENT so it’s understandable that you end up convinced it’ll happen first time!

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