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Happy Campers…

I’m not the most intrepid of girls but I like to pretend, and I do love a bit of camping.
Growing up we were never one of those families who went on camping holidays so most of my camping experiences have revolved around festivals or providing an excuse for a party, but for the last year or so our tent has been packed away gathering dust in the attic and sometimes, as life rumbles on and we grow older, it sometimes feels like we’ve left our free spirits up there to gather dust too.

So this weekend we pulled out both the tent and our fee spirits, packed up a huge amount of blankets, food, torches, booze and our outdoor oven, our dog, some friends and their children and off we went to Hurst View in the New Forest.

I always feel anxious before I go away, I have got really good at letting it go and keeping myself calm, but the day before we went I was in full on anxiety mode, to the degree that I didn’t want to go and was cursing myself for being such a paranoid android.

Camping  day came and with the morning sun my anxieties disappeared, at least that’s what I told myself until they really did start to fade, which happened around the time the bags were packed into the boot and we were listening to Foo Fighters on the B3055 to Lymington.

Hurst View is perfect for families and campers of all types really. It’s big and the facilities are clean. There’s a park on site for the kids. A little camp shop/cafe that serves well priced tea and coffee and a good selection of breakfast options for those not inclined to light a fire in the morning, is well stocked with all your camping essentials and has enough sweets that it was our friends sons idea of heaven for the weekend.

You pay per pitch per night, and the pricing varies depending on how many in a tent, but is pretty reasonable. You don’t pay extra for dogs and you are allowed campfires.

It’s a 15 minute walk to a gorgeous beach and a 15 minute walk to the most beautiful pub.

Luckily for us we chose to go on the one weekend the British sun decided to make an appearance which made it all the more relaxing and fun, rainy camping is all well and good but given the choice I’d go with sun, I mean, who wouldn’t?

Because we took our outdoor smoker oven we ate amazing food all weekend, slow smoked pork, baked camembert, jacket potatoes, it was amazing and Mr Gypsie is in his element cooking outdoors, chopping wood, keeping the fire stocked, he loves outdoor living and I love that I can just chill whilst he does it all!

We toasted marshmellows on the fire with the kids and drank Prosecco and red wine around the campfire once they went to bed, I love that magical feeling when it’s night time in a field, you’ve got big jumpers over your summer clothes to ward off the night time chill.  A few glasses of wine down and we were all laughing at stupid things, reminiscing  about days gone by and marvelling at how we’ve made it from the crazy party days-we partied way too long into adulthood – to finally feeling like proper grown ups (but cool ones, we’re still cool right?)

There’s something just a little bit perfect about going back to basics for a few days, when I say going back to basics I mean sleeping in a tent and not worrying about the house work and all the many responsibilities we have in daily life, we made sure we had enouch food and drink to last us through an apocalypde and our phone batteries were always charged,(I mean, come on be realistic about it!) it’s very freeing to leave the world behind, not worry about make up and go hang out in a field for a few days, I’ve always felt at home sitting in a field, and I’m not sure it will ever change. Could I do it forever? hell no, my hair wouldn’t take that much weatherbeating without a shed load of project every couple of days and I’d want a warm bath and cozy bed before too long, but as a way to relax, recharge, forget your worries, remember who you are and remind yourself to live in the moment, you can’t really can’t beat it….

3 thoughts on “Happy Campers…

    1. Oh he’s great! He thinks he’s Bear Grills so sits around stoking the smoker and building the fire for hours. Bless him. The oven is great, it does wood fired pizza too. I love it. The whole weekend helped me regain a bit of my old free spirited hippiness! I’m too lazy too put make up on most days to be fair so it wasn’t really much different, my hair on the other hand was a different story, no straighteners and lots of wind, it was not a pretty sight! xx


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