Happy Lists

100 Happy Things…

When you feel depressed the world can seem like a frightening place and it can be hard to remember the good and happy things in your life. 

I’ve written a list of 100 things that make me happy/grateful/smile. Try it. It really lifted my mood and was actually a lot easier then I thought.

Here it is…

Early morning sun 💞Fresh bed sheets 💞New pajamas 💞Cuddles with my pup 💞Paddling in the sea 💞Walks in the country 💞Friends 💞Family 💞Sleep 💞My husband 💞 Chinese food 💞 Healthy morning smoothies 💞 Jin Shin Jyutsu® 💞Emotional Freedom Technique 💞Reiki 💞The strength of the human spirit 💞 Music 💞Swimming 💞 Face masks 💞Freshly painted toe nails 💞 Glitter 💞 Cake 💞Reading books 💞Having mini adventures 💞 Festivals 💞 Theatre 💞 Dance 💞Street art 💞 Sunsets 💞 Sunrise 💞Making daisy chains 💞Live music 💞 Unicorns 🦄Having friends in far away places 💞Learning about how the mind works 💞Yoga 💞Spring flowers 💞Warm weather 💞bubble baths 💞Planning trips💞A de-cluttered house 💞Taking photos of things that make me smile 💞Laying in bed listening to the rain outside 💞Walking on dewy grass in the morning 💞Bank holidays 💞Drinking water 💞Dancing 💞Summer dresses 💞Picnics 💞Yoga pants 💞Dreaming 💞Flip flops 💞Retail therapy 💞New hair 💞Dog walks 💞Prosecco 🍾Amsterdam 💞Naxos and Koufanisi 💞Durdle Door 💞Cherry blossom 💞Writing down my thoughts 💞Alpaca walking 💞Marwell zoo 💞Big sunglasses 💞Confidence (when I feel it!) 💞Smiles from Mr Gypsie 💞Coco mat bedding 💞Weekends 💞Exploring Castles 💞Letting go of drama 💞Cleaning the front door as a ritual for letting good things into your life 💞Sunny days 💞Strawberry milkshake 💞 Clean clothes 💞Homemade bath bombs 💞My nieces and nephew 💞Recording memories 💞Gifts from friends 💞Home grown produce in our garden 💞Having time to chill 💞Walking through fields 💞Marmite 💞Putting myself first sometimes 💞Crystals 💞Blue sky 💞A peaceful house 💞Time spent with the girls 💞Afternoon tea 💞Scones and cream 💞Camping 💞Laughing 💞Folk punk – it is a thing, look it up – it’s awesome. 💞Feeling the sun on my face 💞Having the strength to keep fighting when times are tough 💞A free health service 💞Sunflowers 💞Losing myself in a film 💞Wood fired pizza 🍕 Walking in bare feet💞 Refusing to give up…

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