Strength, Hope and Never Giving Up….

Did you ever imagine when you were a child that your life would turn out like this?
Did you ever in your wildest dreams think you would survive the things you have and live to tell the tale?
We can talk about wellbeing and happiness all night long but that doesn’t change the fact that sometimes life just happens…
We get knocked, we fall down, we struggle, we cry, we fail, we fuck up, we have to deal with curve balls, we have our hearts broken and we deal with tragedy-this is life, it can’t be avoided, these moments, these horrible moments can give our mental health a run for its money. But they happen and we all can get through them…
I’m sure you’ve heard the expression everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about, well it’s true, we have no idea how people feel when they get up in the morning, what they do to keep fighting, but the important thing is we do keep fighting!
There is no problem bigger or more important, don’t belittle your problem as being bigger or smaller then someone else’s, if it’s important that you it’s important.
This week is mental health awareness week so I wanted to post this quick reminder to say to anyone who might be reading this. Well done, you’re doing really well, no matter what you think, you are beautiful and you are strong, keep going, take as much time as you need but please don’t give up, you are surviving and you will thrive 💙

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