A Collection of Happiness…

I’m thinking about happiness, the elusive happiness, I think we are made to feel that happiness is something unattainable, but also something we have to feel all the time-it’s impossible! Social media is full of inspirational quotes and self help book sales are huge, suddenly everyone is a life coach and trying to take your money to help you reach the stars…. it’s all about achieving dreams, aiming high, working hard, living a life you love, the secret to success, this painted picture of your dream life dangles in front of you and there’s loads of people, companies, organisations who want to take your money to teach you how to live the lifestyle you want and everyone is desperately searching for the secret of how to be happy

Happiness isn’t a secret, it can not be brought and paid for, can not be taught, there is no magical cure. For me happiness has to be felt and for me that’s actually about the simple things in life.

It’s very easy to get so caught up thinking about the life you want that you forget to appreciate what a lovely life you have.
It’s good to have dreams and goals but we always compare ourselves to people who have more money, better jobs, bigger houses, more or less kids than us, we compare our husbands/wives to their husband or wives, we compare weight, health, wellbeing, success, and if it doesn’t match up we think we’re not good enough, it’s enough to drive anyone crazy.
For me, happiness is about coming home to my husband and puppy at the end of a long day, lounging on the sofa, the scent of essential oils wafting through my house, sunny days and rainy day walks, time spent with my family and my friends, listening to the music I love, pretty flowers, rain tapping on my window, walking past elderly couples holding hands… it may sound sappy but taking notice of those little things really brightens my day.
If we live for now, are present in the moment, we will see that our lives are not perfect, but if we stop scolding ourselves for not being perfect we can see that life is pretty lovely.
I’m entirely guilty of getting caught up in the craziness, but I’m so much happier when I enjoy the moment I’m in. I don’t know the future, I don’t know what comes next, but my life is ok at the moment, it’s not perfect but it’s home to me. I don’t earn as much money as my friends but I’m happy. I have worries, big worries at times, but I’m focusing on what’s happening right now, not what may or may not happen in 6 months time, I’m trying not to worry about things I can’t control, I’m taking pictures each day of things that make me happy, I’m writing it down and recording all the reasons life is magical. I’m taking time to lay in bed and not put pressure on myself to achieve anything. Some days I do feel sad, and when that happens I’m allowing myself to be sad, to feel upset and give myself a break. We put too much pressure on ourselves constantly to always feel happiness, no one is constantly happy.  I’m banishing pressure and and unwanted negativity, I’m doing what I want and I’m living my life in the most simple and real way I can, and I’m loving it…

14 thoughts on “A Collection of Happiness…

  1. I’m really trying to be more like this lately! I’m trying to be glad for the little things… having a proper sad day today, and had to just hide away for a bit. It is weird that nowadays we’re under the pressure to be ok, 24/7, and life is just never like that! We can’t be operating at 101%, feeling amazing all the time- I’m not good at giving myself cheering-up time on my own. Xx

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  2. I think the way you do! Focus on the moment, be appreciative of what you have, be grateful, enjoy the moment!!!! I love taking pictures and having them all around me and having fun with my friends and family and with our animals! Life is good! And help out where you can, I say! Spread the love, share!! Hugs!

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  3. Living in the moment is the way to go, looking back can be a mistake because the past can’t be changed short of making up with people. Looking forward brings pressures. Live in the present because that is a gift 🎁

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  4. Yes, GypsyMountain, I do agree that some of the simplest times of my life were my happiest. Sadly, I may not have known it at the time. That is why I love your advice, to be in the moment, take it in, and enjoy! So hard these days, but I know it is true. There are times when we MUST press on and do way more than we want to, but we must pepper these times with many other times of rest, enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures, and FUN! It has taken me WAYYYYYYYYYYY too long to learn this. I loved reading your thoughts! Thank you!

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