Happy Lists

Things I Love Thursday…

I love Thursdays, especially in spring and especially this week, after the long Easter weekend. The working weeks almost over, before it’s really begun, the weekend is just around the corner, the promise of 2 whole sunshine filled days to do whatever you want, I mean, other then the washing and housework which is what I usually do, because I did it on my extra days off last week, and all is good in the world. If only I could always work 4 days a week and have 3 day weekends. It would be so much easier to find balance!

I’m harnessing today’s sunny mood and dedicating this happy list to the things I’m loving at the moment.
Cherry blossom 🍒sunshine 🍒blue skies 🍒spring 🍒bath bombs 🍒long weekends 🍒prosecco 🍒strawberry laces 🍒 floaty tops  🍒lace kimonos 🍒planning mini adventures 🍒early nights 🍒Reflexology and Reiki combined 🍒early morning swims 🍒Wood fired pizzas in our garden 🍒unexpected meetings with good friends 🍒glitter 🍒twinkling solar lights in my garden 🍒space buns in my hair 🍒maxi dresses and doc martins 🍒heart shaped sunglasses 🍒flip flops 🍒pomegranate and beetroot smoothies 🍒lavender 🍒sunflowers 🍒Hope 🍒

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