Let’s Get Physical

We all know that exercise is good for the mind as well as the body and can help improve your mental wellbeing as well as physical wellbeing. It’s great for lifting your mood, fighting off depression, protecting against anxiety, the list goes on, we get it, exercise yay! 

There are lots of people for whom exercise comes naturally, I know many wonderful and motivated women who have changed their life with their fitness plans and look and feel great for it.

Sadly for me, I am not a woman for whom exercise comes naturally. I wake up tired and usually stay that way through out the day until bed time. I’m not lacking in  motivation, no siree, but I am lacking in time and energy. Exercising actually increases your general energy levels but what if you haven’t got the time or energy to get to it to begin with?

According to UK statistics guidelines for my age group, (that’s 19-64) I should be doing at least 2 hours of moderate aerobic exercise such as cycling or fast walking a week and doing strength exercise on 2 days a week.

It’s not actually that much, I’m a bit overweight so should probably do more but I generally feel pretty comfortable with my weight – I mean we all have bad days don’t we but it doesn’t keep me up at  night – I would, however, like to be a bit more active both for my emotional and physical health.

I walk about 80 minutes a day on my commute to work, that can be a dawdle or practically a run, depending on how late I am! I am going to make sure I walk at a steady pace all the time, late or not! Which is a good start. As for the rest, there are not many forms of exercise I really enjoy, the gym doesn’t appeal and I don’t really have the confidence to go to classes,  but there are several types of exercise I do enjoy.

Swimming is my favourite type of exercise, it’s a really good all over exercise but feels a bit more gentle then other forms of exercise. I actually find it kind of relaxing. I haven’t been for ages but I’m going to set aside an hour or so a week to fit in a swim.

Yoga, I’ve been to about 10 yoga sessions with my friends and haven’t been very good at keeping it up (neither have my friends) but I’ve learnt enough to spend some time working on it myself each week. Yoga is good for building strength and, of course, is great for relaxation and the mind.

I actually do own a cross trainer, it’s at the side of my bedroom next to my bed, I could get out of bed and step straight on it in pjs. It couldn’t be easier, but I don’t. 15 minutes every couple of days would make all the difference.

So there you have it, that’s practically an exercise routine and I haven’t had to join a class of spend any money. I just need to have a bit of will power. It might be easier than I think. A few small differences could make a huge change.  If I can do it, then anyone  can…


6 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical

  1. yes, yes… just do it! You will feel better! I’ve just gotten back to going to the Gym, went twice already with my 16 yr old son! It’s awesome! I do have my own cleaning business, so am always running around cleaning, lifting my 20 lb vac, etc, but the muscle mass, you loose if you don’t keep up with something. And I am 55! holy shit! and don’t want to look old! I feel like I’m 29! And I use to work out at the gym plus other things, but if you can, just start, even for 15 min., like you said, it’s awesome! And if you go vegan, you’ll loose weight, if you wish (to go vegan). I lost 20 lbs without trying! So did my son and roommate! Wild! Good Luck with your exercise regime! I’d like to hear you’re on a roll!

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  2. Ha! I told my brother the other day that I probably average about 3000 steps a day and he was stopped-in-his-tracks horrified. I really need to get into something. I find swimming difficult because it’s too silent. I can’t listen to music and so I’m alone with my thoughts and I get both bored and bummed out…. I like yoga because someone is talking the entire time, and that gives you something to focus on that isn’t your inner voice telling you about all the things you haven’t done yet!

    I also like the gym sometimes because I put Disney songs on my phone and then sort of… perform them on the machines. Yes I look insane mouthing along to Friend Like Me, but you’d be amazed at how fast time flies by when you’re pretending to be Robin Williams pretending to be the Genie.*

    *This is why I only go to gyms where I know I will never bump into anybody I know.

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    1. I’m not really a “joiner” so classes aren’t really for me, but it’s amazing what you can get done when you’ve got some good music in your ears! I try and find a swimming buddy as much as possible so I’m not on my own too much! might try some Disney next time I get on the cross trainer! x

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  3. … I was gonna say, the other thing if you want, when you go vegan, you also have more energy! It’s so cool! My roommate came up to me and after 2 weeks of going vegan, she said she had more energy!! I’m excited for her!

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