Happy Lists

A Happy List…

God I hate Mondays… I don’t think I’ve always hated them, but I have for a really long time. For a while now life has been manically busy. Every morning before work I have to pack a bag for whatever event I am attending straight after work, then I have to lug that bag (normally full of a change of clothes, make up, and eventually whatever shopping I need to get on my lunch break that day) on my hour journey to work and my hour journey back, these journeys include a 40 minute walk each way, I leave early and then get back late, I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I’d like to enjoy getting up early and feel energised by all the exercise, I’m sure I will, when I feel more positive, but for now I’m just tired. I’m looking forward to slowing down and not rushing all over the place quite so much soon. Being busy is all well and good but if I don’t get a balance in life and don’t get enough down time that’s when depression and anxiety hit, so it’s important for me to keep my self care routine going. With that being said, I understand that writing a happy list won’t solve depression and going for a walk in the sun won’t cure anxiety and some days some folks biggest achievement is getting out of bed. I’ve been there and I write about tools that help me, here is a list of my good thoughts for the week…
Spring is here! It’s been a long winter! ☀️My nephew comes home from six months in hospital this month ☀️ An evening with my wonderful best friends this evening ☀️Reunions with friends I haven’t seen for years, last week was full of them and there’s others planned throughout the year ☀️Morning phone calls with my bestie ☀️lavander and chamomile in my oil burner ☀️ The morning sun trying to break through the cloud ☀️Sleep! Lots of it! ☀️Dreaming of my Naxos, my gorgeous Greek getaway, later in the year ☀️Starting college next month ☀️Blonde highlights ☀️A long weekend this week ☀️Looking forward to summer ☀️

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