Self Care Sunday….

There’s nothing quite like spring to lift my mood. It’s the season for happiness, big yellow sun, blooms and blossoms appearing everywhere, and new beginnings sprouting all around. 

It’s long documented that the sun is thought to increase the brain’s release of serotonin, and serotonin to contributes to wellbeing and happiness so there is good reason that we feel better when the sun shines!

Of course the sun doesn’t cure the worlds depression, but I can’t deny that drinking in all that vitamin D does usually lift my mood enough to focus my mind to shift any negativity and concentrate on the positive.

Today has been a beautiful warm spring day. I had already told myself that this weekend would be dedicated to chill time for me and my husband so my mind didn’t spiral out of control, as talked about in my post about how important Me Time is.

After an unexpectedly stressful Saturday evening my mind was kind of fuzzy this morning, my husband has been gardening and I’ve been out walking in the neighbourhood with our pup, taking in the warm spring air, clear blue sky and gorgeous spring colours – to me its a practice of mindfulness, to be aware and grateful for my surroundings. Sun, exercise, gratitude, my pup and photography are some of my best self care tools, I came home feeling calm and helped with the garden for a bit, now I’m writing this with the delicious smell of a neighbours bbq floating into my living room. Peace.

Today I’ve had to disappoint friends and family who wanted to see me and I’m sure that some are upset that I wasn’t able to help them or see them today. But I cannot pour from an empty cup and we need to remind ourselves to treat ourselves with the same kindness and care we treat other people, give ourselves a break and put ourselves first.

I guess it’s the thing I have to work on next, I love the people around me so much and want to be there when they need me, but I need to look after myself as well

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