Time for Me….

I’ve been a little off balance recently, nothing major I’ve just got caught up in life, been busy with work, family, life, there’s been fun things like children’s parties, family get togethers, theatre trips, friends, and commitments, favours, duties, nothing bad, but there’s not been much time for me to look after myself. It’s amazing how quickly things spiral when I’m busy, even if it is with fun stuff. There’s been no meditation, no oil burning, no chakras, no writing, no reading, no happy lists or reflections. Like I say, it’s crazy how quickly my mind can spiral out of control and into a pit of confusion and mist! I’m not unhappy, but I’m not functioning to my usual standard, last week I was congratulating myself on how well I was coping without enough rest, this week I’m tired and unfocused which is a sure sign that if I don’t get some me time before next week I’ll be miserable and despondent.
I went to a birthday party this weekend, for a very special little girl, who I love lots, it was by the seafront, on a sunny day, the party was fun and I had a great time. But I was desperate to get out and see the sea, I love the sea, so when I left I decided to take a walk on my own by the sea. I walked for two hours, the whole stretch of sea front, just me and my thoughts, taking pictures on my little phone camera, I didn’t intend to walk for that long, but it felt so lovely to have some time to myself, nowhere I had to rush to be, no one relying on me for a few hours, just a little me date. It reminded me, once again, how important it is to leave it all behind and get lost in myself for a few hours, and although I was knackered from the walking I felt amazing!

This week I’m back to being a busy bee – we’re having dinner with friends who have just flown in from Canada this evening, we haven’t seen them for 9 YEARS! We’re very excited, and tomorrow I’ll be commuting all over the show for meetings, but I’ll be making sure to carve out some time for me.
Nothing works unless you do, me time isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity. what will you do for me time this week?

5 thoughts on “Time for Me….

  1. I love the photos and I love that you got your stroll in the sand. It really is important to take a Time Out every now and again. I’ve been doing some paper cutting this week to carve out some Me Time and so far it’s going great! I can’t really post about it since it’s meant as a gift for someone, but maybe afterwards I can show it…

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