Happy Lists

Happy Hump Day…

Hello Wednesday, you glorious being you. Wednesday has always been one of my favourite days. Half way through the week, the promise of the weekend looming ahead,…

when I was younger Wednesday night was Rock Night in my town so we’d all head out for some midweek drinks, get trashed and sweaty dancing to the glorious tones of rock n roll n indie, midweek partying to relieve the boredom, this meant Thursday was always a write off of course and then we’d do it all again on Friday. Now a days, Wednesday means maybe a couple of quiet drinks to catch up with my buddies in the local or sometimes yoga, oh to be young again!

Anyway, so I haven’t done a happy list in what seems like forever, so here’s one to ease us over the hump….

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand 🎈Good Hair Days 🎈Neil Young – Dance Dance Dance 🎈Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (it is always there, sometimes you just have to travel a bit further to see it) 🎈Spring in the air 🎈My husband 🎈Playing keepy ups with balloons and my pup (he won’t let that balloon fall!) 🎈Marble Baloons 🎈Not feeling completely exhausted for once 🎈Listening to friends bands on the way to work 🎈That feeling when the fog starts to list after difficult times 🎈Strong women (well, actually just women because we’re all strong!) 🎈Random texts from old flames 🎈Reiki – always 🎈Feeling passionate about a cause 🎈Remembering who the fuck I am and feeling proud of it 🎈

Happy hump day!

6 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day…

  1. A bit of yoga always feels good! There’s a lot to be said for drinks on a Wednesday though, even if you have to keep it to two or three to be safe for Thursday!


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