Mermaid Hair Don’t Care…

I took extra time over my hair this morning. I didn’t have time, I never have time, I was just fed up of my hair looking like someone had killed a cat on my head.  My hair is curly, mega curly, but not those nice curls that make people envious, I’d love those, years of colouring, straightening and not enough TLC has made it a big fuzzy mess, so without my GHDs I’m a total frizzball head these days, actually to be honest all the straightening in the world can’t really get rid of my frizz…

Last week I brought some Mermaid Look, Textured Look, Salt Sprat (I really must stop being drawn in by the marketing) so at the weekend I washed my hair, spritzed a bit of mermaid spray on and expected to look like Daryl Hannah in Splash – so was disappointed when my hair looked more frizzy then ever! Then it occurred to me that high maintenance hair is never gonna work with a “spritz” of anything!

Anyway this week so far I’m feeling optimistic. I woke up early this morning and after a little 5 minute meditation I decided to try again with the mermaid spray, first I dabbed on some Argan oil, smoothed on some non frizz serum, twisted, scrunched, smoothed and then added the mermaid spray, added in some hair grips and more serum and, well, so far good. The silly thing is that it probably doesn’t look any different from normal but the fact that I made an effort makes me feel great.

So I’m not sure if it’s the hair, or the iron supplements I’ve been taking, or the Reiki I had last week, or maybe just something in the universe, but as I said I’m feeling optimistic. I’m off to Aldershot today to host a workshop to teach people about marketing, Aldershot isn’t the most inspiring place in the world , but for some reason I’m feeling like a dreamer again, I feel like with a little flick of my minimally frizzy hair today I could achieve anything, anything could happen today, I’m full of wonderlust and hope, (and mermaid spray!) Today I just feel like things are going to work out. Sometimes, the universe gives you a good feeling, don’t question it, hold onto it, step into it, enjoy it and trail glitter behind you as you go….

5 thoughts on “Mermaid Hair Don’t Care…

  1. This made me smile! I hope you’re rocking your mermaid locks today! I was just thinking about the curlyhair subreddit and wondering if you’d ever tried their “method”? It looks so good but unfortunately for me I fall in that uncomfortable space where my hair is not wavy enough to try it and not straight enough to look decent. If I let my hair air dry I look like a neanderthal. All I’m missing is a bird bone in my hair and a nice heavy club to bonk people over the head with.

    https://www.reddit.com/r/curlyhair/top/ <– the subreddit in case you haven't visited it! They advocate using no sulphates and drying your hair with a cotton t-shirt to reduce frizz and stuff like that.


    1. I’ve just read about the curly girl method! Interesting stuff. I might give it a go, not sure I could manage to be that regimented with my routine. Mermaid/Neanderthal hair are kinda the same thing right? I think mine could pass for either! x

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