Productivity Progress…

So this time last week I set myself a challenge, to put more time into myself. Use some of my productivity for the things I actually want to do rather then then my long list of things I have to do.
So in preparation I put a nice blend of chamomile and lavander in my oil burner on Sunday night to help me with a good nights sleep and woke up super early. I decided to try a morning meditation to help me focus mymind on being more productive and less  chaotic. I’m crap at meditating without help so I used these two meditations on YouTube all week.

So there’s only one way to start any successful project, with a To Do list…

My To Do list had on it things like, brainstorming business ideas and what they involve, study an online course, read, research ways to make extra money, declutter, me time, do something social, make a bath bomb or do something crafty…

Not difficult stuff but stuff that’s important to me and always at the bottom of my priorities. So I threw myself into it, brainstorming different ideas for what I might want to do as a job in the future, and made some loose plans of how might make it happen. I want to work in wellbeing and ideas came pretty easily, nothing I want to share just yet but watch this space. I’m definitely thinking more clearly about it. I tried and failed to study one of the many online courses I’ve signed up for, but more importantly was honest enough with myself about  the fact that I’m never going to finish any of them so decided to ditch them all and I actually went and enrolled in a real life actual evening class, I’m going to do a counselling course, i can’t wait to start.

I actually sorted through one of the many bin bags of old clothes in ,ynspare room, listed, sold and posted them via eBay. Made three different types of bath bombs, some worked, some didn’t.

I’ve talked to lots of people about opportunities to make extra money  by working from home in the little spare time that I have. Midweek I took myself off to do something social and Went to drink bubbles and reminisce with a dear old friend…

So I commuted to and from work, travelled all over the place for meetings, did my full time job, kept my house clean, looked atfter my husband, fed, walked and watered my dog, did the washing, meditated, planned, brainstormed, visited a friend, blogged, read blogs, researched how to make my dreams come true, experimented with bath bombs, did the food shopping, spent time with my family, kept myself clean and groomed and by Friday I was definitely a man down, full of some cold virus and exhausted. So I had to take a day to rest, have some reiki and get some rest before the weekend.

So in conclusion I really did have a productive week but I found it nearly impossible to prioritise the things that were important to me as well as my daily commitments. Life is out of balance. I achieved lots last week but had no time at all for myself and had to take a day off to look after myself.  If only we could all work part time! This week I’m going to to try and keep up my motivation up but make sure I still have chill time, and maybe look for a well paid, part time job….

7 thoughts on “Productivity Progress…

  1. Wow! Bravo for getting so much done but maybe try to pace yourself so you’re left feeling utterly exhausted. See if power naps are something you can do? I feel it always helps so might be worth experimenting. Good luck with it all 😊

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  2. If you’re a fast typer I’ve found REV to be a pretty decent work-from-home part-time gig…. You have to be pretty speedy for it to be worth it though. Used to pay much better but pay has dipped in the past six months. Thanks for sharing your guided meditations! Take care of yourself!

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