Busy Doing Nothing…

Making Productivity work for Me….

My train journey to work is 20 minutes. I love it. 20 minutes of me time, time to read, write, plan, think, be inspired, I could achieve so much in that time. I always have a million plans to action,  write a blog, eat breakfast, study a million online courses that I’ve signed up for, read books, brainstorm business ideas and research how I can make it happen….Build myself better opportunities for the future…
….realistically what I do is scroll through my social media, maybe chat to a friend on the phone, maybe write half a blog that will be discarded later and listen to other passengers conversations (yep I’m one of those people) sometimes I’ll eat a packet of crisps for my breakfast – healthy.

So all of my potential productivity and creativity gets sucked out before I’ve even done anything,and once I’m off that train life becomes a blurry vortex of the constant, relentless, monotony and the million commitments and chores I have, and I’ve got no hope,  when I’ve done all that I’m too tired for anything else and even if I do have energy left there’s just no more TIME! Creativity goes out the window! Exercise? Not a chance! So I ponder what to do to increase my productivity, I don’t mean in the take-more-breaks-Give-myself -deadlines-create-a-to-do-list-at-work kind of way, I mean adjusting my mindset so I’m not constantly procrastinating or letting daily chores take up all of my energy and actually get around to doing all of these things on my happier-futures-dream-big to do list, so I can make the most out of my me time train journeys or any other five minutes of spare time I might somehow happen across.

The ingredients I think make for productive and creative living are these…confidence is a big thing, fortune definitely does favour the brave and as I’m neither very confident or brave I need to keep working on that. For me confidence is about caring less about what other people think and believing in my own abilities, I think if I had more belief in myself and therefore my ideas then I’d put more faith in my ability to succeed and wouldn’t spend so much time procrastinating when I could be studying and brainstorming – does that make sense? I’m working on it. It’s also about motivation and energy-I guess this is where eating something other than crisps for breakfast helps, but ultimately it’s about learning to just go for it, when you have an idea, explore it, commit to it, say yes and don’t wait. I’m determined to focus my mind more this week and actually achieve some of the things I want to achieve.

Life squeezes us so much, pulls us in different directions and it’s so full of things we have to do, it’s easy to forget about the things we do that make us happy, I find those things get pushed to the bottom of my list of priorities and quite often stay there, this week I’m putting happiness and my future at the top of my To Do list and I’m going to spend time doing some of the things I never have time to do. At the end of the week I’ll blog about what I have achieved.

Happy Monday all, what do you want to achieve this week? ⭐️

6 thoughts on “Busy Doing Nothing…

    1. Good luck! I’m such a terrible procrastinator and I’m also guilty of making big plans and never sticking to them so I’m hoping for a “just do it”kind of week! Hope you manage to get your art finished. Let’s compare notes at the end of the week x

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