Happy Lists

Sleepy Monday 

It’s easy to hate Mondays isn’t it? Especially when you’re feeling ill and tired and the weekend is over before it even began. I still haven’t caught up on the sleep I so desperately needed at the end of last week, the housework still hasn’t been done and nothing has been achieved, yet I’m on my way to work, in the rain, feeling like Murky Dismal (he’s the baddie from Rainbow Bright for all you non 80s kids) so here’s my tried and tested method of getting my magic back…

Reiki, I’m in desperate need of balance, I’m going to book in this week☔️Tomorrow is payday!☔️New episode of The Walking Dead tonight ☔️The King Blues and Beans on Toast on my iTunes this morning ☔️Birthday cake ☔️Smoothies in the morning ☔️Daydreaming ☔️Remembering my own power, I am capable of more then I realise ☔️I have strength and compasssion ☔️ Smiling, it makes me feel better, how ever crappy I feel (go on try it!) ☔️Swimming ☔️Seasons, I love our crazy weather – even if it means I have to go to work with shoes and socks on ☔️Beginnings-it’s Monday, anything could happen this week☔️

This weekends birthday cake! 

Have a great week ❤️

7 thoughts on “Sleepy Monday 

  1. Dear On Gypsie Mountain

    I love your happy lists. I am however terribly upset that you only listed “cake”. Your avid followers need more information on this item: what type of cake are we talking about? Chocolate? Vanilla? Red Velvet? Is is perhaps a cheesecake (*cue mouth watering*).

    Much Love
    The Delicious Cake Monster
    PS: Please don’t neglect describing the frosting.

    Liked by 2 people

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