Happy Lists

Is it Summer Yet? 

It’s a bleak and chilly Monday morning and I’m sat at a train station wondering if I’ll ever get used to these early mornings. Husband has just called me in a flap because he can’t find his belt and what have I done with it? I instantly feel guilty that I don’t know where it is, and have to remind myself that he should me more organised and it’s not my responsibility, I’m wondering if he’ll ever get used to my early mornings. But I don’t want to start the day feeling as bleak as the weather so it’s time for a quick happy list. I’m fed up with winter now although I usually love it, I’ve been trying to plan for summer to give myself some things to look forward to so today’s list is complete with dreams and plans for summer fun…
☀️Log Pod Camping in Durdle Dor ☀️September in Naxos ☀️Victorious ☀️Glitter dipped nails ☀️Learning new things ☀️Taking chances ☀️A new Rose Quartz pendant as a present from my lovely friend ☀️Home made Bath bombs ☀️Toms Eco Lodges on the Isle of Wight ☀️Spring London trips ☀️Muddy dog walks ☀️Confidence ☀️Fearne Cotton’s new book Happy ☀️Listening to Foo Fighters at full volume first thing in the morning ☀️Dancing in the Kitchen ☀️A cottage in Wales ☀️Polruan in Cornwall ☀️Watching sunrise on my journey to work ☀️Glastonbury Tor ☀️Lulworth Cove ☀️Boomtown ☀️Marwell Zoo ☀️New Forest ☀️Camping on the jurassic coast 

5 thoughts on “Is it Summer Yet? 

  1. Whatever log pod camping is, it sounds great. I hope there are s’mores involved! Muddy dog walks are the best, particularly if they’re followed by one of those bath bombs and maybe afterwards some of that dancing in the kitchen.


  2. love this! I too am wishing for warmer weather even though I totally love the snow and winter! Today is a sunny day and we will be going skiing, loving it! It’s family day here in Canada.
    Love your blog name! I think I might have mentioned that before, but thought I’d mention it again. I am such a gypsie and when I see that word, I just want to climb into an airplane and “go”! 🙂


    1. Ahhh thank you. I love snow too! We haven’t had any in my part of the uk, but it’s cold cold cold! I’m definitely summer dreaming today. Gypsie Mountain came from the idea that we all live on our own little mountain and gypsie is my ideal of a free spirit and mind and also because gypsophila are my favourite flowers, so it works on lots of levels for me. Thank you, I’m glad you like it, hope you have a lovely family day skiing, sounds like lots of fun xx


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