A Day at the Office….

Today was the first day of my new job. I haven’t really been feeling nervous about it, but have been looking forward to the new challenge. I spent yesterday evening, like a teenager getting ready for a first date, straightening my hair,painting my nails, picking out a suitable outfit and got up this morning feeling like I was organised. Things took a slightly unwanted turn when the first thing that happened this morning was that my husband chose to moan at me about the time I was getting up (10 past 6) and told me he couldn’t cope with my getting up at 5am everyday – I calmly told him it was 10 past 6 and he should be getting up too. Anyway, to avoid an argument I picked up my clothes, crept out of the bedroom and got dressed in the hallway, when I went back into the bedroom he apologised and sheepishly said I looked nice. Next I had to get the dog up, our pup is very lazy and will stay under the covers (yes he sleeps in our bed) for as long as possible so by the time he was actually up wagging his tail for a walk time was not on my side and when we finally went out he outright refused to have a poo! So after a few futile attempts to get him to do his business, I gave up and took him back, feeling defeated, whereupon I found my husband in his dressing gown looking very sorry for himself, chest infection, he wasn’t going to work. By this time I was very late and wasn’t really ready but had no choice but to grab a handful of pens, a notebook and go.

Now I’d looked up the train times twice, as I’m very organised. The train I wanted to get left at 7.54 which was perfect. If I rushed I would make it and have plenty of time to walk to the office at the other end, but alas, when I got to the train station my perfectly timed train wasn’t on the screen and when I checked on my train app to see what the problem was, I realised that I’d typed in the return details for my search, great, maybe I’m not so organised, it would be fine if I was finishing work and coming home at 7.54am. The next train would get me there at 10 to 9 which wouldn’t give me enough time to walk to the office and get there on time…. late on my first day! I started to feel panicked! I went to the toilet to tie my hair back and try and calm down, it’s ok, I’d just have to get a taxi….I started to tie my hair back and my hair band snapped.

I got on the train with a headache and looked at my as yet unsigned contract, and incomplete medical questionnaire, I had intended to sort it all out on the train, I looked at my pens and realised I’d picked up a pink pen, a purple pen and a pencil, no good for official documents. Shit. I’d have to fill them out at the office, this really wasn’t going to look very professional, so I turned up to my new job 10 minutes late, with my hair looking like it had a dead cat on it, an unsigned contract and a pink pen….

…..I was welcomed with huge smiles and a hot cup of peppermint tea. Everyone was so nice! I’ve never worked in an office but felt welcome in no time at all, and although the role is far away from the theatre world that I know and love I felt really excited about being in this new world, a world of pretty chilled out, seemingly genuine folk who really enjoyed their job – also they have branded notebooks, I bloody love stationary and was embarrassingly impressed with the branded notebooks – And I get to be creative in this new world, I get to look after all the social media marketing and the company blog! Very exciting!

Anyway, my head is spinning from what was actually quite a long day. aside from the train calamity and the hair problems, it’s hard work trying to figure out office etiquette in a new job, smiling wildly at everyone and hoping you don’t say the wrong thing, but I feel confident that this change in career is the right move, I’ve got ideas whirling around already and as long as I manage to get on the right train tomorrow and looking forward to day two…..

7 thoughts on “A Day at the Office….

  1. Okay so not off to the BEST start but it really got better and better as the day went on! Branded stationery! Be still my heart!

    I’m glad everyone is nice. The people really make it or break it! Here’s to a more relaxed Tuesday morning!


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