Happy Lists

Weekend Blues…

Wow, I am angry today, and for no good reason, I’ve had enough sleep, the house is actually pretty tidy, I’ve got no where I have to be and not a huge amount to worry about, and am have one of my nieces staying tonight, which is always lots of fun, but holy crap am I pissed off! It’s the kinda day where almost everyone and everything is pissing me off, it doesn’t happen often but today I’m turning into a weird hormonal moodswingy angry pants. Y’know those days? My shoulders are tight and the sound of my husbands voice makes me wanna scream! Poor man! To combat this extreme storm cloud over my head I’ve tried out a new homemade craft -making bath bombs, I’ll let you know how it works out – and taken myself and my pup off for long walk and splash about in the mud to clear my head, now here’s a happy list to try and chill the irritable vibe….

⛅️The first sunny day in a week full of rain ⛅️My new rose pink double pom pom hat ⛅️A sleep over with my niece ⛅️The Little Mermaid ⛅️Gluton Free Triple Choc Chip Cookies ⛅️My Light up unicorn picture canvas ⛅️My de cluttered and reorganised super cosy living room ⛅️Pink shiny toy dinosaurs ⛅️New Job Starting Monday ⛅️The BBQ chicken stack at Harvester ⛅️Time with my family ⛅️Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert ⛅️Stars ⛅️Rainbows ⛅️Prosecco ⛅️Penguins ⛅️Turtles⛅️Standing up to injustice ⛅️Friends asking for advice and being able to help and advice them ⛅️Yellow Roses ⛅️ Nail art stickers ⛅️Trying different crafts, even if I’m rubbish at them, it’s still fun! ⛅️Watching old episodes of Charmed ⛅️Watching my pup run around in the mud ⛅️Relaxing ⛅️Declutterng ⛅️Feeling contentment⛅️ Looking forward to spring ⛅️

There, that’s better, I feel happier already…..

4 thoughts on “Weekend Blues…

  1. Oooh I know that feeling. You should have seen me last Friday I was like a tiny human thundercloud. I was SO ANGRY. Here are some more things to add to your list-

    Puppies * glitter * roasted marshmallows * holidays * the sound of waves lapping on the shore * the feeling of freshly-washed bed linen * a long hot shower * new lingerie * daisies * a good hug * finding surprise money * solo dance party * a perfect high five * hot soup on a cold day * a roaring fire when it’s raining out * fresh popcorn with maltesers mixed in

    Hope you feel better soon!

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