Bath Time Blues…

Since I was very young one of my mums best pieces of advice for a solve all solution has always been “Have a nice hot bath and you’ll feel better”

Feeling sick? Have a bath

Argument with your boyfriend? Have a bath

Bad day at work? Nice hot bath will solve that

Broke? Depressed? World falling apart? Have a nice relaxing bath and cup of tea and everything will seem a bit better.

And y’know what she is always totally right. it’s totally true. A bath is still my go to solution to make me feel a little better about any situation. It’s the easiest  form of self care for me.

Today I’m feeling altogether rough. Physically and mentally. I feel sick, cold, tired and grotty, so what better than a little soak in a hot bubbly bath tub to help relax my aching muscles and sooth my aching mind.

Here’s a list dedicated to my favourite products for a nice relaxing bath…

Himalayan bath salts- relaxing, detoxifying,cleansing, and naturally healing, great for clearing your mind of all of those stressful thoughts.

Dead Sea salts – This stuff is amazing for soothing aches and pains, it helps those achy muscles and helps rebalance your skin.

Lavender Essential Oil – or any essential oil to be honest, pop a few drops in the bath. I love lavender for relaxing and helping to promote sleep in the evening or grapefruit or orange essential oils for an uplifting and energising morning.

Snow Fairy- my absolute favourite Lush scent. Snow fairy shower gel, sweet and glittery and sadly only limited to Christmas, so I have to stock up, they also now have a Snow Fairy Fun, which is amazing too.

Unicorn Horn – Another Lush favourite, it’s a bubble bar and again is only available for a limited period of time around Valentine’s Day, with fluffy bubbles and lilac water the lavender scent and subtle shimmer give it the ultimate feel good factor

Blue Skies and White Fluffy Clouds – Another Lush bubble bar, blue calming bubbles with Patchouli and frankincense for a wonderfully calming bath

St Ives Apricot Scrub – is pretty much the only face wash I’ll use.contains no parabens or phthalates and 100% natural extracts, it smells great and leaves my face feeling super soft, clean and all glowing.

All followed by a dusting off with Lush Fairy Dust dusting powder and a creamy moisturiser slapped all over my skin. My favourite at the moment is The Ritual of Sakura by Rituals. The annual flowering of Sakura in Japan symbolises the beauty of life and this naturally firming body cream made with organic rice milk and cherry blossom is a sweet smelling way to make me feel like each bath is a new beginning….🛀🏻

8 thoughts on “Bath Time Blues…

  1. That sounds amazing! I have a weird thing about not using rental apartment baths (I don’t know. It just grosses me out) but next time I’m staying in a hotel I’m bringing my LUSH bath bombs to play! Thanks for the tips!


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