Happy Lists

Keep Smiling…

So today is statistically the most depressing day of the year. I refuse to feel down because a statistic tells me to. I hope you all do too. After all, blue Monday is just another day, anything can be achieved. I’ve spent my Monday evening in the hospital where my nephew has been for the last 16 weeks after a life changing accident so I’m seeing first hand how wonderful the human spirit is and how amazingly people cope in the most crazy of situations. Always have hope for a brighter sky guys and make the most of every day. Here’s today’s happy list….

My cosy living room⭐️a mini break in amsterdam to look forward to ⭐️my tiny unicorn lamp ⭐️Big fluffy cardigans ⭐️chocolate cake ⭐️no smoking for two weeks ⭐️Ride with Norman Reedus ⭐️New goals ⭐️Collaboration ideas⭐️Friendship ⭐️Learning that there is something to be grateful for in every single day ⭐️Remembering how much I love music ⭐️My husband – every single day ⭐️Knowing that I have strength, no matter how hard it gets ⭐️watching films ⭐️Lush Cosmetics Sunkissed Lip Tint ⭐️Nail stickers ⭐️Having dinner cooked for me ⭐️Buffy The Vampire Slayer ⭐️Letting stuff go ⭐️Helping people ⭐️Swimming ⭐️Endings and beginnings ⭐️Genuinley believing in optimism⭐️Realising that I actually have the power to change things ⭐️Saturday afternoon naps ⭐️Getting up early on a Sunday morning ⭐️starting to genuinely learn the things that make me happy and sad ⭐️Trying to embrace situations I can’t change ⭐️ Learning when to walk away ⭐️the Trainspotting Soundtrack ⭐️Hair straighteners ⭐️My independence ⭐️Starting to see the best in people ⭐️The Human Spirit – we keep fighting long after we think we can’t ⭐️Having hope ⭐️Family ⭐️Pizza ⭐️

4 thoughts on “Keep Smiling…

  1. If you don’t mind, I am going to steal your “Happy List” method to help with future bad days and see if it helps.

    Read some of your posts and I really love it. How is the ‘normal’ job going?


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