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My Bowie Moment…

I wanted to write today about the time I saw David Bowie play at Glastonbury in 2000. But now, trying to recall it in detail 16 years on I realise my memories of it are sketchy at best. There’s not much that I do remember…sitting in the sun at the top of the hill at the pyramid stage during the day, drinking vodka out of a huge pink plastic wine glass with my friends, watching bands, feeling free, promising my friends we could always go to Glastonbury together…Excitedly making our way through the crowd at night trying to find a good place waiting for Bowie to start…meeting two hostile women who wouldn’t let us pass them in the crowd – they said, “this is our gate, you cannot go through, you have to go round” (by the way it’s that sort of behaviour that leads to crowd problems at gigs -be nice to each other) I remember the gig, I think he started with Life on Mars,it was great, but for me there’s one overarching memory of that night… Glastonbury is a really magical festival and I always feel it when I’m there, I can’t describe the feeling, I guess hygge is the closest word I can think of, but that’s not right either, those wonderful snippets of time where you look around and everything is perfect and everything is love, I like to call them My Glastonbury Moments, slightly drunk, slightly tired, high on life, in a crowd, surrounded by your friends, sweet sounds of rock n roll floating through the sky, those moments you wish you could capture and carry around in your pocket, memories that when thought about make you laugh out loud, shed a tear or smile instantly, because they remind you what life is all about. Well this particular gig My Glastonbury Moment came during Starman, it was dark, I was in the crowd, swaying along with 100,000 strangers and my three friends, singing along and I looked over at my friend JJ, drunk, singing, her arms in the air, looking towards the night sky with a look of sheer joy and freedom on her face – I think of that moment now, 16 years later and I have instant happiness. I still love JJ very much and speak to her often. I love the memory of her absolute happiness at seeing Bowie play. A memory that can’t be captured, there’s no photos, I doubt JJ would even remember it, but that particular moment in time is embedded forever as one of the little treasures in my mind. Pure Magic. It’s my Glastonbury Bowie Moment…

….Thanks Glastonbury, Thanks Bowie, Thanks JJ ⭐️

6 thoughts on “My Bowie Moment…

  1. I absolutely LOVE this, and it couldn’t have come with better timing! My week has been rotten, and I’ve been getting flashbacks to this time last year when I was in the depths of gloom, living in new impersonal lodgings, and waking up to the shattering news about Bowie, as I had another veru lousy Monday morning a year on. However, I am actually smiling like a goon at my desk reading this, with a (really happy) tears in my eyes! xx

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  2. This is such an awesome post! I love David Bowie, he’s probably my favourite musician of all time and I can only imagine how happy I would have been to see him play live in an amazing festival surrounded by friends and looking at the night sky. You have such a knack for writing, how do I follow you?!

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