Lifting Up My Head…

I’ve realised rather alarmingly that I appear to have an unhealthy addiction to my phone. I seriously can’t. Put. It. Down. I saw a brilliant piece of dance not long ago by Joli Yvan called Imbalance which explores our use of technology and I’ve noticed since then that my husband and I spend way too much time with our heads down on our phone, we can spend whole evenings not talking to each other and just looking at shit on our phones. I moan at him about it all the time, but to be honest, I’m just as bad, maybe worse. I check my phone before I go to bed and it’s the first thing I reach for when I wake up. Tonight I made a little bet with myself that I could watch a whole film without reaching for my phone. I didn’t make it! I totally understand the need to switch off, relax, spend quality time with those you love, but I’m obsessed with constantly checking my Instagram, Facebook, blog, emails, bank balance, Amazon account. What is this weird need to constantly be connected to the rest of the world all about? I love my iPhone and I think the technology is awesome. Social Media is wonderful for so many things, it has it’s downfalls too, I talked about some of these in my post Fuck Perfect a while ago, but generally I think social media is a really good platform for staying in touch with people and sharing your lives with each other, but I hate the idea that people get so engrossed in their digital world that they lose connection with the one that they live in everyday. I think for me it’s habit, I know the state of my social media/bank balance hasn’t changed in the last 10 minutes yet I spend half an hour looking at the same stuff I’ve just looked at. It bores me, yet in another 15 minutes I’ll still reach for my phone. In the time I spend idly looking at my phone every day, I could read a book (or write a book) cuddle my husband, take a walk, go swimming…

Anyway I’ve made a promise to myself to put my phone down more and spend more time looking at what’s around me, talking to people, thinking without the aid of Google. I’m not going to be militant about it as I don’t want to set myself rules but I do feel it will be beneficial, so I’m going to stop taking my phone into meetings at work, leave my phone upstairs charging whilst I’m doing things at home, not take it on every dog walk I go on. Take my instax camera out sometimes to take photos on instead of my phone. I’m just going to look up once in awhile and see how much more I can achieve….
* BTW the greetings card in my picture can be purchased on etsy it’s super cute isn’t it💞

2 thoughts on “Lifting Up My Head…

  1. A song recently played in the radio (I think it was by Clean Bandit or Jess Glynne) that had lyrics along the lines of “what’s so much more interesting on that device that you can’t put it down and lay down with me?” Your post about phone addiction reminded me so much of the song – and if “mainstream” artists are writing songs about this topic – the ones who capitalize most on social media – it’s gotta’ be a more widespread, and bigger problem than we imagine!

    Good luck with your goal! It’s definitely hard to separate ourselves from our devices, but the rewards are tenfold.


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