Adjusting my Priorities….

it’s the weekend so guess what? We made it through the first week of the year! Well done! Hope you’re getting to reward yourself this weekend by doing something nice.
According to numerology 2017 is year 1 of a 9 year cycle (making last year year 9 of the last cycle which could explain why it felt so catastrophic) making it a great time for new beginnings, and to have to be honest it feels like a time for new beginnings. I have a holiday and a new job in a brand new career starting in a few weeks, I’m also getting offers of freelance arts work as well. I’m feeling motivated. I feel like I’m on the right path again after years of zigzagging up and down the road and I’m totally ready for the challenge.

I have a distinct need to de junk my life. I am a terrible hoarder and also a shopaholic which just isn’t a great combination. I have so much stuff! I love all my stuff but I know I have way more then I really need and I’m fed up of constantly having clutter everywhere. I want to cut the crap and live a more simple life. I’m never going to be completely minimalistic but I think I can cut down a bit. So that’s my mission, recycle, upcycle, sell or give to charity as much as I can bare to part with.

I’ve already filled four bin bags of clothes and am pretty proud of myself, there’s lots to do but it’s a start. I’m determined to clear the junk out of my life and think more carefully about what I really need to buy and what I don’t. We live in a society where we seem to mark our happiness or success by how much we have in life. New clothes, big house, hundreds of gadgets, and it’s no revelation to realise that this isn’t really what makes us happy of successful, we all know that’s not how it works, but there’s a difference between knowing something and actually doing it. I’m a sucker for advertising and it’s going to be a challenge to try and live a more minimal life. My husband and I have decided that this year we are going to save all of our £5 notes and see what we end up with. This year will be about learning to concentrate on wanting less stuff and making more memories with the people we love and really learning to appreciate what we have. I know that’s the key to real happiness. Should be easy shouldn’t it? I’ll keep you posted….

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