Happy Lists

When Tuesday is Monday…

My shrill alarm tone signalled what seemed like an abrupt end to my Christmas holiday today, so up I got and off I went to work, it’s back to the old routine, back to not leaving enough time for a proper dog walk, to making the same old boring pasta to take to work for lunch, to going back to check the front door was locked three times after leaving the house, but today wasn’t just back to the old routine, I was feeling weird about the first day back after holidays as I had to officially hand my notice in and that would make it real. I’m actually leaving theatre management for a new career path, it’s very scary! My boss wasn’t in but talking to other people at the theatre I felt nervous about my decision, I haven’t told many people yet but everyone was genuinely very sweet and although I’m sure I’m doing the right thing, I have to admit to today giving me a little wobble. It’s a funny thing to start a new year by ending something….

….anyway, with so much change in the air I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes me happy and here’s today’s happy list…

Himalayan Bath Salts ❤️Thick tights and winter jumpers ❤️ Sparkly heeled boots ❤️ Frosty morning dog walks ❤️Sunny winter days and pink evening skies ❤️Spending time with my nieces and nephew ❤️Lush Cosmetics bath oils ❤️ New stationary ❤️ Holiday planning – we can never afford to go on all the holidays we plan, but it’s fun to dream ❤️ Forest Fruits tea ❤️Seeing friends fulfill their dreams ❤️ Watching people in love ❤️ Laughing ❤️My instax mini 8 camera ❤️New pajamas ❤️Cheese ❤️Britpop ❤️New tattoo ideas ❤️ DIY crafts, I’m terrible at them but I love it! ❤️ Laying in bed, holding hands with my husband ❤️A stack of wellbeing books to get through ❤️The excitement I feel about my new venture ❤️Actually trusting the universe for the first time ever ❤️Having the confidence to make a change ❤️Not over thinking things ❤️Learning to not do things I hate ❤️Learning to not care about the opinions of arseholes ❤️ Fresh flowers ❤️ Home grown chillis ❤️Home cooked lasagne ❤️Sandlewood Incense ❤️No make up days ❤️Realising Monday is actually Tuesday and there are only 4 days until the weekend ❤️

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