The Inbetweener…

I’m exhausted, I literally haven’t stopped for the last few months and Christmas has been busier than ever. Between my own family and the in laws, work, hospital trips, friends weddings and other commitments it’s been manic. Just before Christmas I got offered a job, a non theatre related job, working with vulnerable people. I had to think a lot about it, leaving a career in the theatre is a huge thing for me, I’ve been doing it for 17 years and don’t actually know anything else. But I’ve decided that for me, at this time, it was the right move to make. So here I am, about to leave a 17 year career in the arts to do something completely different, y’know what, I actually feel pretty good about it! And then we had a hectic Christmas and now I’m in desperate need of a rest and a little self love. I always find the days in between Christmas and New Year a little weird. It’s like waiting for a new start. I get a little impatient and want Christmas over with and want to look forward to what’s to come. I guess everybody does… I’m looking forward to change and already planning changes to the house in my head (I’m also looking at new houses, but please don’t tell my husband!) planning my new work wardrobe, new hair etc. I’m restless, the house is a mess, I want to clear up and I want to get the Christmas decorations down and make plans, but I’m so exhausted I just haven’t got the energy. I’ve been so busy I’ve forgotten to look after myself and I’m definitely feeling the effects, lack of sleep, too much to do and constant junk food has lead to paranoia, bad dreams and lack of self worth. It’s really true that the journey to self love never ends and needs constant work. Nothing will work unless you do so take care of yourself above all else.

My mind is whirling with all the things that have happened over the last few weeks and everything I need to do before the new year upon us. My back feels tense, whenever I feel stress the tension goes to my lower back, and it makes it impossible to relax. So tonight I’ve decided to plop a Lush Cosmetics Father Christmas bath bomb in my hot bath and have a relaxing soak, sit on the sofa in my pjs and watch a film and now pop myself into bed to sleep it all off. Sometimes you just need to shut it all out in order to rest and recharge. Everything else can wait until tomorrow. For now I’m shutting my eyes, shutting out the world and hopefully falling into a deep and lovely sleep…. Sweet dreams🌙

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