Happy Lists

Find Your Inner Happy…

We are all doing it aren’t we? Searching for happiness, like it’s some great secret of the universe, the ultimate mystery. I’m searching for it, my entire blog is written about the things that make me happy and the actual process of writing it makes me happy. Yes we are all longing for happiness, reading or writing about it, asking ourselves what is it that will make us happy, chasing it, like an impossible dream. Well the truth is that our natural state is happy. Once we learn how to cut through the crap and let go of stuff, happiness is within us, all of us….

It’s two weeks until Christmas, my husband is sick and stress has kicked in a little for me, so this post is dedicated to all the things that help me release my inner happy….

Fairy lights and Glitter⭐️Taking my nieces to see Santa ⭐️Finally finding 5 minutes to sit and read ⭐️border collie snuggles ⭐️Holiday planning for 2017; a cosy week in Wales and a sunny week in Greece ⭐️Eating cake and laughing with friends ⭐️Getting back to caring for myself – hair appointment and reiki appointment booked for the end of the week ⭐️Realising how much my friends care ⭐️Learning who my true friends are,it’s a tough lesson but feels amazing once you’ve learned it ⭐️Children’s theatre⭐️Finding my inner strength⭐️Cream topped hot chocolate⭐️Mulled Cider⭐️Hygge⭐️The music of Helgi Valur⭐️Having family around me⭐️Early nights and early mornings ⭐️Prosecco on a Saturday night (any night actually!) ⭐️Job hunting – new possibilities ⭐️clean sheets ⭐️Learning not to care so much about what others think – I’m definitely getting there! ⭐️Good food and great company ⭐️Christmas weddings to look forward to ⭐️Days off with my husband ⭐️Lavander and Eucalyptus in my oil burner ⭐️Cheese ⭐️Taking daily pictures and posting them on Instagram ⭐️Hot baths and new pjs ⭐️My new sequined hot pants ⭐️Having hope, for a brighter day, even when everything seems dark⭐️

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