Make your Days Merry and Bright….

It’s that time of year again, all the shops are filled with Santa hats and candy canes, there are fairy lights as far as the eye can see, your friends are panicking about where they can buy their kids this year’s must have toy that sold out everywhere in October, people panic buying everything in sight, mulled wine, sequins, snow globes, glitter….

Christmas-Love it or hate it, you certainly can’t ignore it. 

Personally I love it, my husband hates it.  December can be exceptionally stressful, happiness and joy is forced upon you and if you aren’t feeling on top form it can be really hard. I don’t like the stress that Christmas brings but for me Christmas is about being around the ones you love, hopefully having a bit of a break from work and remembering to value the people in your life, and a chance to show them that you care. I don’t agree with the commercial, consumer driven holiday it has become, but I do love a bit of Christmas magic.

Here’s some things I do to enjoy a non commercial and stress free Christmas and some ideas to make you feel good this December…

Kindness Advent Calendar

I know we’re already halfway there but this lovely idea is too good to miss off the list! Instead of too much chocolate download this advent calander and sprinkle kindness around like Christmas glitter.

Click here to download your own

December Photo Challenge

Whether you love or hate Christmas it’s undeniable that December is beautiful in the UK. With the sun low in the sky and the sprinkling of frost making everything sparkle. There are loads of December photo challenges you can follow on the Internet, I prefer to simply be inspired by what I see around me a post a picture a day of something that makes me smile on Instagram until the end of 2016.

Charity Christmas Present Appeal

What better way to feel good then to give presents to people who would really appreciate them. There’s tons to choose from, here’s a few…

Oxfam Unwrapped

Family Action Toy Appeal

Gosh Gift Donation

Go and See a Christmas Show

Christmas is a big in the theatre, and as I work in the industry I always have loads to go and see, pantos, children’s shows and good old family fun, there’s nothing like a Christmassy tale in a warm theatre to put a Christmas twinkle in your eye

Christmas Crafts

I love making Christmas decorations for my own tree and to give as gifts to friends, you don’t have to be massively artistic get some feathers, dried leaves or wood slices and add some glitter, you can’t go wrong…

Who needs Pinterest….

Winter Fashion

There’s nothing like a new pair of woolly tights and a new sparkly glove and scarf set to make you feel cosy in the winter, go on, it’s totally essential,treat yourself, or even better, knit your own

Go Out….

Get wrapped up and go wandering, find a Christmas Market to wander round, they’re always very pretty, or go looking for the house with the most outside Christmas lights, if you prefer to get away from it all get wrapped up warm and for a gentle stomp on the countryside, fresh air and lovely scenery and a little bit of exercise will do wonders for the soul. In the evening invite some friends out for a glass of bubbly and a giggle. Laughing with my friends is my number one way to lift my mood and nothing makes me happier.

Stay In….

Get in your pjs, make yourself a hot chocolate and snuggle up under a blanket with a cheesy Christmas movie, they’re all full of love and good will! If you’re already fed up of Christmas films then maybe a Christmas horror, my favourite is Snowmageddon!

How ever you chose to enjoy or endure this festive season u hope it brings you happiness, peace of mind and at least a little bit of fun ❤️

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