Advice to Myself…

Some days everything is wrong, sometimes you just can’t do right by people however much you try. Some days you will feel useless. You are not useless and sometimes other people have just had a bad day too. Some days just don’t work out how you had hoped. The important thing is not to feel like it’s your fault or the world is caving in on you, not to take it personally or think it’s because you are worthless or useless or responsible for every bad thing that happens.

Sometimes there will be no one around to tell you are not these things and you have to learn to tell yourself that it’s just a bad day, you are not worthless or useless and things will work out, sometimes it’s best to simply snuggle up under a blanket on the sofa with a glass of wine, watch crap TV and forget what a shitty day it’s been

Be kind to yourself, have a hot bubble bath, get some sleep,  tomorrow is a new day and it’s full of possibility….

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