Happy Lists

In Stormy Weather….

Life has been a roller coaster recently. Not long ago a car accident changed our lives forever and we’ve been enduring a bumpy road ever since.We are not there yet, we still have a huge long way to go, but we’re closer then we were yesterday. This weekend I took sometime out, I went away to Brighton with some lovely girlfriends. I didn’t want to go really, I felt guilty about it, but actually, for me, it was just what the doctor ordered, and just reminded me so much of the need to look after yourself before you can look after others.We had a great time, but we ended up getting caught up in a huge storm and as we ran around Brighton from one place to the next, being completely beaten by the wind and the rain it occurred to me what a good metaphor it was for life. We’d all taken time and effort getting ready, doing our makeup, hair etc, hair ruined, make up running down our faces, being blown around by the gale force winds, it didn’t matter, we still danced, we still sang and we still laughed. So here’s today’s list of things I love, to remind me that no matter where we are today, the storm will pass…
My own cosy bed☔️Autumn colours ☔️Being blessed with friends and family who understand and love me through it all ☔️Learning to be resilient ☔️Being by the sea in stormy weather ☔️Laughing so hard you cry ☔️Letting go of vanity and just having fun☔️Weekends with the girls ☔️Coming home to my husband and pup ☔️Winter☔️Christmas lights ☔️Making my own Christmas decorations ☔️Feeling confident enough to speak my mind, even though it’s really scary☔️Yoga☔️Monday nights watching The Walking Dead ☔️ Choosing Christmas presents for loved ones ☔️Learning to be fearless, I’m not there yet, but I will be ☔️Lovely texts from unbelievably good friends ☔️Feeling thankful, for every single day, no matter what ☔️Stella Mccartney -POP ☔️Days when I feel like I can do anything, they don’t happen much but when they do they’re magical ☔️My nieces and my nephew ☔️Warm baths on cold days ☔️ Having faith that it will all be ok in the end ☔️

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