Fuck Perfect

I spend too much time apologising for myself. Trying to be the perfect me, comparing myself to the pretty pictures people post on Instagram of their wonderful life and thinking I’m a failure because my house is a mess, I don’t own it, my boss hates me, and I’m not perfect, I haven’t had a baby yet, I’m always broke. Well today I say fuck that shit!
These days we are taught to follow our dreams and not to follow a crowd, to go our own way and do what we believe in, not to try and be something out of the pages of a glossy magazine. We are told that we are unique and it’s ok not to be ok. That there’s no such thing as perfect and we should love ourselves just the way we are..

This is great, I’m glad we live in this world, where we can be anything.
However there is still an expectation for women to be everything to everyone. It’s fashionable to admit your life is not perfect and to be”real” but the internet is still full of beautiful pictures of people’s perfect “imperfect” lives. Pictures of beautiful walks, gorgeous clothes in all sizes, beautiful “real people” with a messy bun that probably took hours and make up I couldn’t apply in my wildest dreams, well decorated, clean, uncluttered houses. My life does not look like someone’s Instagram feed and my craft projects certainly do not look like the ones on my Pinterest boards, and because of that I feel like I’m failing at life.
I know that half of you posting on social media about your perfect imperfections and your wonderful life are comparing yourself to your friends posts about how happy/successful they are in life. But what can you really tell from a picture in Instagram? A picture can be edited, cropped, shot 100 times to get the perfect angle! I’m not saying give up on social media, I love Instagram. I love posting photos, but it’s supposed to be fun, don’t take it too seriously and compare yourself to a picture.

This is how my house looks on Instagram…

….and this is how it actually looks

I am a mess, I’m overweight and my house never looks clean, I never have time to do my hair, I worry about the future and I deserve to be treated better by my boss. But I know that my own worth is not defined by other people’s opinions of me, or how many people like this blog or any of my other posts on social media. Sometimes I love my life and sometimes I wish it was different. But I refuse to give in to pressure to be something I’m not or be some perfect staged version of my imperfect self. I am who I am and fuck anyone who thinks that I’m not enough.
I am enough, I am perfectly imperfect. I am a beautiful mess and I fucking love it.

You are too, our uniqueness is what makes us the wonderful people we are and it has nothing to do with things we post on social media or what other people think of us.

Life sucks, life is hard, life is full of people telling us we should be one thing or another, so this weekend say Fuck Perfect!  Fuck opinions, fuck comparisons. Go out, stay in, dance on the sofa, sing, shout, party, watch movies in your PJs, do whatever the fuck it is that makes you you, and do not make any apology for it, because the world needs you to be you, And that my friends, is true perfection

3 thoughts on “Fuck Perfect

  1. Social media has so much influence on people it’s unbelievable. I had the same thoughts about everyone having a “perfect” life, all those pretty IG feeds. Somehow it did help me make the choice to go do what I love and that’s going back to school (photo academy). Right now the job that I have kills me inside. seeing all those pretty IG feeds I was like “I want a better life for myself, one that I can enjoy just like all these people on IG who are always happy” so with that in mind I registered for school and I hope one day I can combine photography with travelling 🙂 I think IG is one of the most “dangerous” social media thing, of course also good things can come forth from it. So fuck perfect and go live your own life! you are the only one that can make it happen for yourself 🙂


    1. Thank you for posting such a well thought out and articulate comment. I totally agree that social media can be wonderful and dangerous at the same time, I love my IG account but get so fed up of feeling like everyone’s lives are so much more together then my own, I wanted to remind myself and others to celebrate our own crazy lives and be inspired by others rather then compare ourselves.

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