Happy Lists

Monday Monday…

It’s Monday. I actually went to the party on Saturday and had such a good time I stayed out (with my husband) until 7am Sunday morning! 7AM! It’s been a long time since I partied long enough to see the sun rise on a new day! I can tell you now I’m too old for it! It was fun though. Yesterday was pretty much a write off and I started Monday with the dregs of a hangover and a foggy brain. Today started with a funeral. Let’s face it, there’s nothing fun about a funeral, the chap we were saying goodbye to was a member of the self professed A Team of a theatre I used to work in. It was a lovely service with some really beautiful words, and like the saying goes, there’s nothing like a funeral to bring the family together, my lovely theatre family were all there. I haven’t seen the deceased for a long time but I was moved by what a beautiful service it was and also by our theatre family, The A Team reunited to say goodbye to one of our own. Much love mate, may you adventure on.
Here’s my Monday list tof recent smiles…
✨Friends, old and new ✨Being by the sea on moody Autumn days ✨Reflecting on the past but staying positive about the future ✨Old fashioned seasides ✨Cornish Orchards Blush Cider✨Lost weekends – once in a blue moon ✨People having faith in me even when I lose faith in myself ✨Realising that everything happens in time, no need to rush ✨Retail therapy and lovely deliveries in the post ✨ Uplifting therapy sessions ✨Dog walking in the rain ✨Evenings at home with my husband, always✨Business ideas and planning ✨Scones with jam and cream ✨Walking home when the sun comes up ✨Purple orchids ✨Fairy lights ✨Party planning ✨Autumn ✨Presents from Italy ✨ Flat shoes ✨ Fluffy cushions ✨warm baths✨Impractical Jokers ✨my messy house, it’s lived in and I love it! ✨PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke – This Mess We’re In ✨Only four days at work this week ✨Catching up on sleep
Hope you’ve had a happy Monday.

Sweet Dreams…

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