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Sing it Loud, Sing it Proud

I’m going to a party tonight, in fact I’ve sort of organised it, but I’ve woken up this morning in a pit of misery. all the positivity lists and avocado and meditating in the world couldn’t seem to lift my spirits. My house is in chaos because I’ve been too tired all week to clean and my husband is a messy fucker, he can’t help it, it’s just how he is. I’m alone, my husband is at work and my dog doesn’t really wanna play today, he’s got the blues too. There’s a spider hanging over my bedroom door that I don’t feel brave enough to tackle and that has sort of set the mood for the morning. I could cry at the thought of tidying the house again when I just wanna go to sleep for a few days until I feel better, but we’ve all got our jobs to do…

There’s one coping mechanism and spirit lifter that I haven’t even talked about yet. And it’s probably the best of all, music! No matter what you like to listen to, music will shake your bones and mind out of any slump.

For me it’s rock n roll, this is an ode to The Black Crowes,  The Rolling Stones, Tankus the Henge, Nirvana, Cream,The Subways, Hole, the list goes on.

Never underestimate the power of music to make you feel better. My husband and I fell in love because if our mutual love of music. Music has been giving me strength since I was an awkward,self conscious 11 year old. I felt like I didn’t fit in as so many kids do, and music, for me it was grunge, made me feel part of something bigger and gave me an identity. My idol was,and still is, Courtney Love (controversial I know,but hear me out) she absolutely stood for what she believed no matter what criticism she faced, she taught me to be brave when I felt like I didn’t have a place in the world, she taught me to say “fuck it, I’ll do it my way”and to this day still does. Thanks Courtney.

A lot of my favourite memories are from festivals, a few years ago I saw The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury, During You Can’t Always Get What You Want I closed my eyes for a couple of seconds to soak up the music and the feeling, and when I opened them my husband and my festival buddies were all hugging me! I’ve never felt so happy and so loved. Recently my husband and I saw Beans on Toast play at a small festival, and we stood on a hay bail dancing and singing along with the small crowd, it was wonderful. Music makes you remember who you are, when all the other shit gets too much music can make you laugh,make you cry, take you to places in time that you had forgotten all about until you hear that one song, make you remember what is really important.

So whatever your plans are today, and whatever music does it for you, put it on, turn it up and sing it out!

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