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Disappointing Weekends and Happy Monday’s 

I had a disappointing weekend when nature called to inform me rather rudely that I didn’t get knocked up this month. It’s a crushing blow to know that there’s another long month to wait before I get the chance again! Because no one talks about the period of time when you’re trying to make babies I had no idea how disheartening it would be! However I am a big mouth and can’t fail to talk about it, so as a result am comforted to now have friends around me telling me how I am not alone and what a miserable time they had making their beautiful babies and that its all worth it in the end…

I don’t want to feel miserable all the time we’re trying to make babies so to help soothe my mind I’m going to spend the next month focusing on happiness and today I’ve made list of things I love…

💜 sunshiny  walks in the country  – love living so close to so many wonderful places💜 Daydreams of bonfire night, Halloween costumes and autumnal wardrobes! 💜 Planning a party for my friends birthday at the weekend 💜 Unicorn yoga T shirts 💜 Sending texts to beautiful friends to remind them how strong they are 💜 PJs on the sofa watching Peaky Blinders with my hubby 💜 Chatting shit to friends on the phone for hours 💜 Snuggles with my doggy 💜 20 minutes on the cross trainer after work 💜 Taking photos of things that make me happy 💜 Listening to The Rolling Stones whilst washing up 💜 a shiny notebook and pink pen by my bed to record all the good stuff 💜 peppermint and grapefruit essential oils 💜 cuddles from my husband 💜 festival planning at work 💜 September 💜 Reading Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Book 💜 Beetroot smoothies and strawberry milkshakes 💜 Early nights and cosy sheets…..

Here’s my list of what’s making me happy today. What’s yours?

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